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Included on this page are miscellaneous charges that do not fit properly into other categories. They range from spurs and church bells to buckles and rainbows. Also shown are more plain symbols such as the mullet and the fylfot. These charges can be found on a variety of family crests.

castle tower tower triple towered arches

spur winged spur church-bell hawk's bell hawk's lure

oval buckle circular buckle square buckle lozenge-shaped

Catherine's wheel chess-rook crescent increscent decrescent

crosier, or
pastoral staff
palmer's staff shuttle woolpack escarbuncle

fetterlock fleam clarion bugle-horn bugle-horn stringed

harp maunch morion mill-rind staple

estoile mullet mullet pierced mullet of six points mullet of eight points

sun in splendor shooting star rainbow   fylfot
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