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A field or charge is said to be semé, or occasionally powdered, if it is covered with small objects, spaced in a regular pattern. The most common semé pattern if gutté or teardrop shaped objects, patterns of which have specific names based on their color.

Other common semé pattern illustrated here include: semé de lis (a pattern of small fleur-de-lis), billetté (a pattern of small rectangles), and crusilly (any pattern of small crosses). In addition to those semé pattern illustrated here, one might encounter the following more rarely seen patterns:

pattern of...   heraldic name
  • bezants
  • castles
  • lions rampant
  • nails
  • roses

semé de lioncels
semé de rosettes


semé de lis billetté crusilly

gouttes or gutté

gutté d'eau
(water; argent)

gutté d'or
(gold; or)

gutté de larmes
(tears; azure)

gutté de sang
(blood; gules)

gutté de poix (pitch; sable)

gutté d'huile (oil; vert)

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