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L14a (2) on piece with Great Britain 159 (2), Mullingar (?) circular date stamp, 9 (?) August 1920

1916 Sinn Féin Propaganda Labels

L14a (Narrow crown, perf 11)
on piece w/ Great Britain 159 (2)
[MID]  [LAR (det)]


Notes: The Hibernia labels printed in 1916 are commonly referred to as "Narrow Crowns," since the rectangular field behind the crown (at upper left) is noticeably narrower than is the case in the "Broad Crowns" of 1908 (the crown itself is also taller). But this is just one of numerous obvious differences between the printings, indicating that the composition was entirely redrawn. In the usage shown here, two of the 1916 Hibernias have been alternated with two 1/2d British definitives of the George V issue of 1912-13 (perhaps paying the basic 1d inland rate for printed matter, unless additionally used stamps are missing). The circular date stamp may read Mullingar, 9 August 1920, making this a late usage of the labels. Stamps and labels appear to have been cancelled indiscriminately.

Whether James Walker & Co. Ltd., Dublin (printers of the Sinn Féin labels in 1908) was also responsible for this 1916 issue has not been conclusively determined. Significant differences of detail between the Hibernias of 1908 and 1916 make it clear that the latter's composition was redrawn. The labels were probably printed in sheets of 50 subjects (10 x 5). Nine different transfer types have been recognized.

Provenance: Dr. Charles Wolf.

Bibliography: EPA 1961, "Political Labels of Ireland," 5-7; "Irish Stamps: A Retrospect," 621-2; Feldman 1968, 14-15; Mackay 1968, 56-58; H. G. L. Fletcher 1974, 889-92; Dulin 1992, 336; W. Fletcher 1994, 34-39.

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