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In early 2000, we began exploring the cataloging and database methodology necessary to support a cooperative online bookplate registry so that libraries around the world could create entries describing and depicting bookplates in their local collection. The links on this page point to aspects of the project developed thus far. Anyone interested in the project is invited to write for more information.

Project Links:

  • "Benefits of an Online Bookplate Catalog" - PowerPoint presentation by Christian Dupont delivered at the 41st Annual Preconference of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the American Library Association, Chicago, IL, July 7, 2000. The presentation introduces the goals of the project and shows some screen images from the original WebDB version of the prototype registry, below.

  • Prototype Registry - A searchable database image catalog of approximately 1100 bookplates and library stamps from the Department of Special Collections at the University of Notre Dame. This database was originally built using Oracle WebDB but was migrated in November 2002 to MySQL. Screen shots from the original WebDB version are included in the PowerPoint presentation above. The MySQL version provides a more powerful and user-friendly search interface though the ability to retrieve bibliographical information from corresponding records in our Aleph library catalog is more limited due to changes resulting from an upgrade of the latter.

  • Heraldic Dictionary - An online resource being developed by Sara Weber to assist in the cataloging of armorial bookplates.

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