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Largely because of their extensive use during the Crusades, crosses play a major role in heraldry. There are nearly four hundred varieties known to have been used. However, there are only 20 or so forms that occur widely. Beyond geometrical concenience, there can be no doubt that the heraldic cross was intended to represent the Sarced Cross. But with the contemporary shortening of the shields, the shape of the cross changed as well. Gradually it morphed into one that's dimensions were nearly equal in length and width.

cross couped
or humetty
passion cross patriarchal cross crucifix Calvary cross

pointed cross cross clechée cross quatrate cross crosslet cross crosslet

cross fleuretté cross flory cross patonce cross botonny cross moline

cross patée
(or formée)
cross patée fitched cross patée
fitched at foot
cross patée
Maltese cross

cross pommé cross potent cross potent rebated
(a.k.a. fylfot)
cross tau

cross parted
and fretty
cross voided cross fimbriated
or bordured
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