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Manuscripts of the American Civil War
Thomas Benton Alexander Diary

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Opening: 10 verso, 11 recto
Date(s) of entries: November 22, 1862 to July 7, 1863 (10v); August 1863 (11r)
Author: Thomas Benton Alexander
Content: Countersigns and diary (10v); Accounts and calendar (11r)

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10v, 11r      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI

Nov the 22. & 30th of Nov

T. B. Alexander on Guard

Nov the 22nd 1862 Countersign Thornbush
Nov 30th countersign baldwin
Dec the 9 countersign mobile
Dec the 19 countersign Charleston
Dec the 25 countersign fair Fort
Released from staning Guard at the Ordinance department Jan the 4. 1863
we got two guard 7 of April.
T. B. Alexander was taken sick July the 7. 1863

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