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Manuscripts of the American Civil War

What follows is a list of Civil War related military records from the manuscript holdings in the Department of Special Collections, University Libraries of Notre Dame. Linked record groups may be accessed online, as images and textual transcriptions.

  • EDWARD BLOODGOOD BATTLE REPORT. 1864. 1 item (6 pp.). A report in clerical hand signed by Lt. Colonel Edward Bloodgood as commanding officer of the 22nd Wisconsin Infantry, recounting the regiment's operations from 16 May to 6 July 1864. The report is dated 10 July 1864, and is addressed to brigade headquarters (2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 20th Army Corps). The regiment was at the time attached to George Thomas's Army of the Cumberland, moving on Atlanta. The report tracks the 22nd from Resaca, Georgia (about 75 miles from Atlanta) to the Chattahoochie River (about ten miles distant). This copy is marked "Orig;" an endorsement indicates that it was received and forwarded by brigade headquarters. MSN/CW 2000-1.
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  • CO. C, 4TH TEXAS CAVALRY ORDERLY BOOK. 1863-1865. 1 vol., 30 cm., 48 leaves, with 27 pages of war-date entries in several hands. An orderly book kept by officers of Co. C, 4th Texas Cavalry (CSA), during the regiment's Civil War service in the Trans-Mississippi. Formed in Victoria County, Texas, in the summer of 1861, the regiment—also called the 4th Texas Mounted Volunteers—participated in Sibley's New Mexico campaign (1862) and thereafter served mostly in Louisiana and Texas. Though the actual entries in the book probably do not predate 1863, the contents pertain to the regiment's full history of service, to May 1865. These contents include: lists of men killed, wounded, transferred, and discharged, as well as non-battle casualties and a list of deserters (these lists were probably entered into the book from another source in August 1863, and were not updated with any frequency); a list of arms and accoutrements issued, from 29 June 1863 to the end of the war; a list of arms held by company members on 28 October 1864; lists of clothing issued, on specific dates (1864-65); a list of horses killed (mostly at the battle of Val Verde, New Mexico) and their values; records relating to a company relief fund (1863-64); and manuscript copies of four General Orders, together with two printed General Orders, tipped in. Though only one of these entries bears a signature—that of Lt. Ludwig von Roeder—the book is more obviously associated with Charles C. Linn of Victoria (b. 1837/8), captain of Co. C in 1864-65. Linn's name appears several times on the endpapers, and it was apparently he who retained the volume after the war. Sixteen pages of the book were filled with writing exercises around 1870, probably by Charles Linn's younger brother, William. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2006. MSN/CW 2011-1-B.

  • CAMP MEIGS, MASSACHUSETTS, LOGBOOK. 1863-65. 1 vol., 23 cm. 136 leaves, titled in manuscript "Countersigns and Paroles of Camp Meigs." The volume contains dated daily entries from 14 November 1863 to 11 May 1865, each recording the countersign and parole passwords in effect for that day at the Union army's Camp Meigs in Readville, Massachusetts. MSN/CW 2004-1-B.

  • JOHN DEITRICK / 7TH PENNSYLVANIA RESERVE RECORDS. 1861-1872 (bulk 1863-1864). 98 manuscripts, most partly printed; 8 circulars and other printed items. This group consists largely of military records retained by Lieutenant John Deitrick from his service in Company B of the 7th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry (1861-64) and from his post-war service in the National Guard of Pennsylvania. Deitrick (1842-?) was a blacksmith from Liverpool, Perry County, Pennsylvania. Seventy-five of the records relate to Company B of the 7th PRVI, which fought with the Army of the Potomac in the major campaigns of 1862 before spending much of 1863-64 in camp near Alexandria, Virginia. The greater number of the PRVI records date from March 1863 to April 1864, when 1st Lieutenant Deitrick was ranking officer with the company. Records include: a company muster-in roll (July 1861); five company muster rolls (July-August 1862 to September-October 1863); twenty monthly returns (August 1861 to March 1864); monthly returns of clothing and other Quartermaster's Department records; quarterly returns of ordnance and other Ordnance Department records. An additional group of 30 items dates from Deitrick's service as captain of the "Ellsworth Zouaves" in the 15th Division of the National Guard of Pennsylvania (c1869-72). MSN/CW 2006-1 to MSN/CW 2006-52; MSN/CW 2006-53-F1 to MSN/CW 2006-61-F1; MSN/CW 2006-62-F2 to MSN/CW 2006-64-F2; MSN/CW 2006-65-F3 to MSN/CW 2006-71-F3.

  • JOHN S. MITCHELL / 27TH BATTALION VIRGINIA CAVALRY RECORDS. 1864. 3 documents. A group of records relating to the activities of 1st Lt. John S. Mitchell, as commanding officer of a detachment of the 27th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, assigned to guard disabled horses in Carroll County, Virginia. Two of the documents, copies in Mitchell's hand, record obligations of the Confederate government, left unpaid "for lack of funds". The first of these, dated 21 June 1864, acknowledges a debt of $5.25 to Wilkerson and Hail for 50 lbs. of flour; the second, dated 27 June, acknowledges a debt of $160.00 to John Wilkerson, for pasture for 160 horses. The third document (4 July 1864) is a letter of complaint filed by H. W. Gunter, a Carroll County farmer, asserting that Lt. Mitchell allowed his horses to forage on Gunter's property, destroying a crop of hay. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2004. MSN/CW 2010-1 to MSN/CW 2010-3.

  • DEPARTMENT OF NORFOLK MORNING REPORTS. 1862. 8 items, 1 partly printed. A group of eight tabular morning reports, pertaining to elements of the 1st Brigade, 1st Division of the Confederate Department of Norfolk. The reports range in date from 22 April to 15 May 1862. One of the reports, covering 8 to 10 May, is for the entire brigade, then commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Fletcher H. Archer. Other reports are for: the eight infantry companies of Major John P. Wilson's regiment (15 May); the five infantry companies of Archer's Battalion (11-12 May); Captain J. W. M. Hopkins' company of Wilson's regiment (two reports, 22-23 April and 6-7 May); Captain James J. Phillips' company of the 9th Virginia Infantry (two reports, 4-5 and 11-12 May); and Captain Charles R. McAlpine's company of the 41st Virginia Infantry (12 May). The tables record the units' strength for the days indicated. Totals are entered, rank by rank, for soldiers who are present (whether "for duty", "sick", "in arrest", etc.) or absent ("with leave", "without leave", "on special service", etc.). MSN/CW 2007-1-F2 to MSN/CW 2007-3-F2.

  • ULYSSES S. GRANT ORDER. 1863. 1 item (1 p.). An autograph document signed of Major General Ulysses S. Grant, as commander of the Department and Army of the Tennessee. The order was issued at Vicksburg on 25 July 1863, to the chief quartermaster of the department, Lieutenant Colonel Judson D. Bingham. It regards the reassignment of river craft to move General Nathan Kimball's Provisional Division from the environs of Vicksburg to Helena, Arkansas. On the reverse are notes on the disposition of the craft by Bingham's superintendent of river transportation. MSN/CW 2001-1.

  • WADE HAMPTON DISPATCH. 1865. 1 item, partly printed. A recipient's copy, on a Southern Express Company form, of a telegraphic dispatch sent by Confederate Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton to Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard on 26 February 1865. The dispatch, sent from Fort Mills, South Carolina during the Carolinas campaign, describes cavalry skirmishing in the vicinity of Lancaster, South Carolina, and supposed Union intentions. Hampton then commanded all the cavalry opposing Sherman in the Carolinas. The day before the dispatch was sent, Beauregard had been superseded by Joseph Johnston as commander in this theater; Beauregard was now "second in command." Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2005. MSN/CW 2009-1.

  • DANIEL RUGGLES REPORT. 1862. 1 item (3 pp.). A report in clerical hand with the proxy signature of Brigadier General Daniel Ruggles (1810-1897), commander of District One of the Confederate army's Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. The report is dated 22 October 1862, and was written from district headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi to General Samuel Cooper, adjutant and inspector general of the Confederate army. It concerns the regulation of trade along the Gulf coast, with particular attention to the exportation of cotton. MSN/CW 2002-1.
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  • WHEELER'S CAVALRY CORPS RECORDS. 1863-65. 10 documents, 5 partly printed. A group of miscellaneous records relating to elements of Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler's Cavalry Corps of the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Most notable is an inspection report for William W. Allen's and William Y. C. Humes' divisions, filled out by the inspecting officer, Maj. Henry Bryan, from 27 October to 7 November 1864. The report is marked "Partial;" seven pages of the twelve-page circular have been completed, and three pages have been appended (identifying more than 125 absent officers). Also included in the group are three tabular morning reports: one for Charles C. Crews' brigade of William W. Allen's division, for 28 January 1865; one for Robert H. Anderson's brigade of Allen's division, for 24 March 1865, and one for James Hagan's brigade of Allen's division, also for 24 March 1865. Other documents include: a leave of absence granted Maj. John T. Wright, 8th Confederate Cavalry (28 June 1863); a Special Order No. 97, from Corps headquarters, regarding the collection and storage of corn and the procurement of ordnance and ordnance stores (13 November 1863); a Special Orders No. 327, transferring Pvt. John Daniels out of the 53rd Alabama Cavalry (21 December 1863); an authorization from Corps headquarters allowing Brig. Gen. John H. Kelly to grant dismounted troops 5 day furloughs to seek new horses (9 February 1864); a report regarding the number of horses and mules foraged in William Y. C. Humes' brigade (9 March 1864); an ordnance invoice from George G. Dibrell's brigade (10 June 1864); and a list of dismounted men being transferred from the 4th Georgia Cavalry to the 4th Georgia Infantry (13 February 1865). Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2004-05. MSN/CW 2008-1 to MSN/CW 2008-5; MSN/CW 2008-6-F1; MSN/CW 2008-7 to MSN/CW 2008-8; MSN/CW 2008-9-F2; MSN/CW 2008-10 to MSN/CW 2008-11

  • STONEWALL JACKSON ORDER. 1863. 1 document. A field copy of an order originally written by Lt. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's assistant adjutant general, Maj. A. S. Pendleton, regarding the browsing and grazing of supply and artillery horses. MSN/CW 2027-1.

  • FITZHUGH LEE CIRCULAR. 1864. 1 document (2 pp.) A manuscript circular dated 3 May 1864, directed to the brigade commanders of Maj. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's Division of the Cavalry Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, specifying protocol for a military review to be conducted by Robert E. Lee the following day (4 May). The circular was issued from division headquarters, and was written and signed by Lt. Charles Minnigerode, Jr. (1845-1888), of Fitz Lee's staff. This copy bears the endorsement of Brig. Gen. L. L. Lomax, a brigade commander under Lee, who forwarded it with additional instructions to Col. Henry Clay Pate, commanding the 5th Virginia Cavalry. The review was never held, as in the early morning of 4 May Grant began crossing the Rapidan, initiating the Overland campaign. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2007. MSN/CW 2012-1.

  • MICHAEL QUIN DOCUMENTS. 1863. 1 letter and 4 documents. Clerical copies of a group of four documents forwarded to Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles by Secretary of State William H. Seward, together with a cover letter (13 August 1863) signed by Seward, relating to the forcible recruiting into the U. S. Navy of a 19-year-old Irish immigrant named Michael Quin. The documents include: a letter from the British ambassador, Lord Lyons, to Seward; a letter from the British consul in New York, Edward M. Archibald, to Lyons, giving an opinion on the case; and an eight-page affidavit of Quin's, witnessed by Archibald. Quin describes meeting a recruiting "runner" in Manhattan, who promised him passage to California but took him instead to a naval receiving ship, where he was "shanghaied." He was ultimately put on a train to Cairo, Illinois, to join the Navy's Mississippi Flotilla. He escaped from the train, returned to New York, and told his tale to the British consul. In his letter to Seward, Lyons requests reparations from the U.S. government. Seward refers the matter to Welles. MSN/CW 2013-1 to MSN/CW 2013-5. [ Introduction, Images & Transcriptions]

  • CO. E, 2nd KENTUCKY CAVALRY (CS) MUSTER ROLL, 31 DECEMBER 1862-30 APRIL 1863. 1863. 1 document, partly printed. A muster and pay roll, completed on a partly-printed Confederate States form and covering the first four months of 1863, for Capt. James M. Sale's Co. E, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry. The roll provides each soldier's name; his grade; when, where, and by whom enlisted, and for how long; and soldiers present and absent, with remarks for those absent. The document also includes a pay roll for 31 December 1862 (when last paid) to 30 April 1863. There are a total of 130 names listed. The roll was completed on 1 May 1863, at Irish Bottom, Kentucky, by 1st Lt. William H. Parks, and includes a "record of events" (January to April 1863) in Parks's hand. The 2nd Kentucky Cavalry was then under the command of Col. Basil W. Duke. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2007. MSN/CW 2014-1-Oversize.

  • CO. I, 15th VIRGINIA CAVALRY MUSTER ROLL. 1864. 1 document, partly printed. A muster roll, on a Confederate States form, for Capt. James Simpson's Co. I, 15th Virginia Cavalry. Eighty-seven names are entered, of whom 25 are indicated as present; there are remarks on most of those listed as absent. The roll is unsigned and undated, but entries in the "remarks" column suggest that it was compiled shortly before the regiment's consolidation (10 November 1864). Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2008. MSN/CW 2023-1-Oversize.

  • CO. K, 130th NEW YORK INFANTRY MUSTER ROLL, 20 AUGUST-31 OCTOBER 1862. 1862. 1 document, partly printed. A muster and pay roll for Capt. Alfred J. Leach's Co. K, 130th New York Infantry, covering 20 August to 31 October 1862. The regiment was mustered in to U. S. service on 2 September 1862, thereafter serving at Suffolk, Virginia, with VII Corps, Department of Virginia. This is a Federal government copy, with payroll annotations. MSN/CW 2019-1-Oversize.

  • CO. D, 11th MICHIGAN INFANTRY MUSTER ROLL, 1 MAY-30 JUNE 1862. 1862. 1 document, partly printed. A muster and pay roll for Capt. Benjamin G. Bennet's Co. D, 11th Michigan Infantry, covering May and June of 1862. The regiment, attached to the Army of the Ohio, was then performing guard duty along the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. This is a Federal government copy, with payroll annotations to 1885. MSN/CW 2020-1-Oversize.

  • CO. C, 7th MARYLAND INFANTRY MUSTER ROLL, 30 JUNE-31 AUGUST 1864. 1864. 1 document, partly printed. A muster and pay roll for Capt. Richard E. Bouldin's Co. C, 7th Maryland Infantry (U. S.), covering July and August of 1864. The regiment was then before Petersburg (2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, V Corps, Army of the Potomac). This is a Federal government copy, with payroll annotations. MSN/CW 2021-1-Oversize.

  • 21st IOWA INFANTRY MUSTER ROLLS. 1864-1865. 2 documents, partly printed. Muster and pay rolls for Capt. John S. Craig's Co. G and Capt. James L. Noble's Co. H of the 21st Iowa Infantry. Both muster rolls are for January and February of 1865, when the regiment was serving in the Military Division of West Mississippi. These are Federal government copies, with payroll annotations. MSN/CW 2022-1-Oversize to MSN/CW 2022-2-Oversize.

  • CO. F, 19TH U.S. COLORED TROOPS MUSTER ROLL, 31 DECEMBER 1864-28 FEBRUARY 1865. 1865. 1 document, partly printed. A muster roll for Capt. Frederick K. Fletcher's Co. F, 19th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops, covering 31 December 1864 to 28 February 1865. The 19th U.S.C.T. comprised black enlisted men mostly from southern and eastern Maryland, a large number of whom were recruited as slaves. It saw action in at least eleven engagements, suffering 50 combat fatalities. At the time of this muster roll Co. F was stationed at Bermuda Hundred, Virginia. MSN/CW 2038-1-Oversize.

  • 2nd (WOODWARD'S) KENTUCKY CAVALRY OFFICERS ROSTER. 1865. 1 document. A roster listing 34 officers of the 2nd (Woodward's) Kentucky Cavalry (CS), dated 30 March 1865. The document is drawn up in eight columns, with entries indicating each officer's name; grade; company; whether elected or appointed; by whom appointed; date of election/appointment; commission; and remarks. It appears to have been written by Capt. Robert Biggs, then in command of the regiment. At the time Woodward's 2nd Kentucky Cavalry was serving in the Carolinas campaign, near Pikeville, North Carolina; it was attached to J. H. Lewis's Brigade, Hampton's Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee. This regiment is not to be confused with the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry that served under John Hunt Morgan. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2006. MSN/CW 2016-1-F1.

  • JOHNSON'S ISLAND PRISONER ROSTER. Circa 1863-1864. 1 vol., 20 cm., 135 leaves, with 258 pages of manuscript in various hands. A leather-bound volume of uncertain origin, bearing the manuscript title "Names of Confederate Officers Confined on Johnson's Island Ohio 1864". Johnson's Island was a Federal prisoner-of-war camp in Sandusky Bay on Lake Erie, used primarily for officers. The roster itself (with name, grade, regiment, prison block and mess, and original place of residence) occupies 218 of the book's pages; some 2500 prisoners are listed. The roster is followed by a list of 167 Confederates who died at the prison, with name, grade, regiment, and cause and date of death. A third section of 22 surviving pages contains poems or song lyrics of Confederate interest, written in several hands. The volume seems to have been compiled at the prison. Some internal evidence suggests an association with Lt. Robert J. Owen (Co. K, 34th Mississippi Infantry), of Salem, Walthall County, Mississippi. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2007. MSN/CW 2015-1-B.

  • WHARTON'S BRIGADE GENERAL ORDER. 14 April 1864. 1 document (1 page, with docketing). A general order directed to the regimental and battalion commanders of G. C. Wharton's brigade in the Department of Western Virginia (Confederate), written and signed by Wharton's A. A. G., Capt. Charles A. DeRussy, regarding protocol for the execution of Pvt. John H. Jones, Co. E, 30th Virginia Infantry Battalion, Sharpshooters. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2008. MSN/CW 2017-1.

  • A. R. BLAKEY RECORDS. 1862-1863. 3 documents. Three Confederate States records relating to a $30.00 claim against the government by A. R. Blakey of Madison Court House, Virginia. The matter at issue was recompense for a shotgun supplied by Blakey to 1st Lt. John W. Johnston, Co. F, 2nd Virginia Cavalry, on 8 May 1862. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2008. MSN/CW 2026-1 to MSN/CW 2026-3.

  • FRANKLIN H. PICKETT DRAFT EXEMPTION APPLICATION. 9 July 1863. 1 document, partly printed. A partly printed form, of either Confederate or North Carolina state issue, whereby shoemaker Franklin H. Pickett of Greensboro, Guilford County declares himself "engaged in a Mechanical Pursuit" and so exempt from conscription. The form is signed by Pickett and by justice of the peace Nathan Hiatt. MSN/CW 2018-1.

  • A. F. O'BRYAN CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION. 1863. 1 document, partly printed. A document completed and signed by William A. Chisolm, Confederate States Enrolling Officer for Colleton District, South Carolina, certifying that A. F. O'Bryan is overseer on the plantation of Mrs. Eliza O'Bryan, and is thus exempt from conscription for a period of 12 months. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2010. MSN/CW 2025-1.

  • SIDNEY SANDERS DISCHARGE. 1864. 1 document, partly printed. A Confederate States certificate of discharge and pay voucher, dated 23 March 1864, completed and signed by Henry D. Beman as captain of Co. E, 7th Cavalry Battalion, Georgia State Guards. The discharged soldier is Pvt. Sidney Sanders, who served in Co. E in 1863-64. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2010. MSN/CW 2024-1.

  • F. CHARLES ALLRED DISCHARGE. 1862. 1 document, partly printed, with endorsements. An accomplished copy of CSA Special Orders No. 41, datelined Corinth, Mississippi, 16 May 1862, whereby 1st Lieutenant Charles Allred is discharged from the army (Co. H, 25th Tennessee Infantry), "not having been re-elected in the recent reorganization of the twelve months volunteers. . . ." Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2008. MSN/CW 2028-1.

  • CORCORAN'S IRISH LEGION REORGANIZATION DOCUMENT. 1862. 1 document (3 pages). A copy of Special Orders No. 779 issued on 12 November 1862 by the New York State Adjutant General's Office, declaring the formation of the 155th New York Infantry from elements of Corcoran's Brigade. The document specifies the new field, staff, and company officers of the regiment. MSN/CW 2029-1.

  • L. J. M. CAMP GREENSBORO PAROLE. 1865. 1 document, partly printed. On 26 April 1865 General Joseph Johnston surrendered the 30,000 Confederate troops in North Carolina to William T. Sherman. The men were issued individual paroles, releasing them from captivity and allowing them to return to their homes. The present "Greensboro parole" was made out for Pvt. L. J. M. Camp, Co. B, 10th Georgia Cavalry. It was completed on 4 May by Camp's company commander, Cap. L. J. Smith, who signed the form along with the Federal commissioner, Maj. J. H. Letcher. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2007. MSN/CW 2030-1.

  • 50TH VIRGINIA INFANTRY POLL BOOK. 28 May 1863. 1 partly printed document. A Confederate document enumerating votes cast in the field by 54 named members of the 50th Virginia Infantry, in an 1863 election for the Virginia state senate position representing Patrick Henry and Franklin counties. The candidates were W. A. Burwell and Peter Sanders. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady. MSN/CW 2031-1-F1.

  • ROBERT CRUTCHFIELD RATIONS COMMUTATION. 21 April 1864. 1 partly printed document. A document stipulating the payment of $16.00 to Confederate Pvt. Robert Crutchfield "for commutation of rations for self while on scout duty by order of Lt Gen Longstreet from March 27 1864 to April 12 1864." Crutchfield was a member of Co. D, 10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2008. MSN/CW 2032-1.

  • 4TH TENNESSEE CAVALRY TRANSFERS. 16 June 1863. 1 document. A Special Orders No. 161, authorizing the transfer of dismounted troopers of the Confederate 4th Tennessee Cavalry (Wheeler's Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee) to infantry regiments and artillery batteries. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2012. MSN/CW 2033-1.

  • HORSE TACK CONTRACT. 14 February 1863. 1 partly printed document. A contract signed by William S. Downer, Confederate Superintendent of Armories, and Peter B. Borst, owner of a tannery at Luray, Page Co., Virginia, for the supply of 5000 bridles and 2000 halters. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2008. MSN/CW 2034-1.

  • JAMES THORN/WILLIAM LAYSON OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. 1863. 1 document. An oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, signed by former Confederate soldiers James Thorn and William Layson. The latter served in Co. E, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2008. MSN/CW 2035-1.

  • COL. FRANK POWERS FIELD ORDERS. 1864 April 13. 1 document, with envelope. An order to be prepared to march "at a moment's warning" sent by Confederate Col. Frank N. Powers (commanding Powers' Regiment of Louisiana and Mississippi Cavalry) to Capt. Joseph Sessions, commanding Co. E at Woodville, Mississippi. The order is in the hand of Powers' adjutant, Capt. H. N. Bridges. The transmittal envelope with "pass courier" inscription is present. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2006. MSN/CW 2036-1.

  • HANOVER JUNCTION ORDNANCE RECEIPT 12 February 1863. 1 partly printed document. A receipt for shells and packing boxes turned over by C.S. Lt. James M. Garnett of the Army of Northern Virginia to the depot at Hanover Junction, Virginia. Acquisition funded by Robert and Beverly O'Grady, 2004. MSN/CW 2037-1.

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