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Thomas J. Barb Diary

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Opening: 7 verso, 8 recto
Date(s) of entries: July 16 to 22, 1863
Author: Thomas Jacob Barb
Content: Diary

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stoped, got four ripe wattermellons They was fine. we had some roastinear's the first. I have seen this year but maxfield is better to day

Thursday 16th nothing new in camp's to day F H Campbell deserted on the 14th of July and went to the feds

Saturday 18th it has been sprinkling rain all day

Sunday 19th it has been a very dull day to me, all of the mess is out but me and I am very lonesome, a paroled prisoner got in this eve from vicksburg and


says that vicksburg is surely taken, it is hard but still it is so

Monday 20th our mess had another hog to day went out about a mile and one bit at Abe Weaver [i.e., Private Abe Weaver, Co. A, 46th (Crabtree's) Arkansas Cavalry] and he shot it

Tuesday 21st Charley Miniken [i.e., Private Charles W. Miniken, Co. A, 46th (Crabtree's) Arkansas Cavalry] got in yesterday but dident bring any letters from home, our horses was valued over to day, my horse was valued at ($5.50) five hundred and fifty dollar's and saddle at ($30) thirty dollar's, to day I was made corporal of Geo W Rutherford's company [i.e., Captain George W. Rutherford's Co. D, 1st (Dobbin's) Arkansas Cavalry]

Wensday 22ed we moved camps to day three miles to Mr Pastells, Mr Maxfield and Bob Weaver [i.e., Lieutenant Robert R. Weaver, 46th (Crabtree's) Arkansas Cavalry] come in from home yesterday

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