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Manuscripts of the American Civil War
Alfred Moore Diary

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Opening: 43 verso, 44 recto
Date(s) of entries: October 18 to 23, 1864
Author: Alfred Moore
Content: Diary

Number: MSN/CW 8010-1

Transcribed by: Rev. Andy Sebesta, c.s.c., and George Rugg 2010

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43v, 44r      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI


Laid in fortifications all day. Received orders to be ready to move at 5 oclock P. M. but did not move until 12 oclock, advanced on the Yankees, made an attack upon their whole line about daybreak, Early's whole force was engaged, our Rosser's & Wickham's Brigs. were on the left which [3 wds illeg] Weather clear


After the attack this morning news came that Early has captured their Camps [2 words illeg] Artillery, a number of wagons, Ambulances & over 3 thousand prisoners and the Yankees had [2 words illeg] at all points, but later on today the tide turned against us & our forces had to give [illeg] with considerable loss.


After we had gone into Camp last night [6 wds illeg] Rosser's Brig was ordered [illeg] to the Valley Pike to cover Early's retreat [illeg] Early this morning on the Pike commenced


The Yankees in small force followed some distance behind yesterday, came up to around Edinburg after we had been there about three hours mostly we skirmished with [3 wds illeg] retired, our picket line is Stony Creek, Gen Early is


I spent the day at Mt Jackson or rather across the river opposite Mt Jackson, spent a very pleasant day [illeg] All is quiet Yankees are reported to be picketing on Thoms Brook Weather a little rainy [illeg] this morning.


Staid all night last night at Mr Billings returned to camp this morning over staid my leave of abscence a little was put in the [illeg] house and made to [2wds illeg] without [2 wds illeg] for a week. on morning [illeg] thankful to get off that well, Dress parade this evening, very strict order [illeg] to the Regt concerning [3 wds illeg] absent from Camp. Weather clear & cold,

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