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Manuscripts of the American Civil War
Caley Family Correspondence

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Charles Caley
Date: July 1-2, 1864
Place: Camp near Marietta, Georgia
To: Juliaette Carpenter Caley

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 8 pages (20 x 13 cm.) on 2 folded sheets

Number: MSN CW 5024-25

Transcribed by: Jonathan Lawrence and George Rugg, 2004-05

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Camped in the woods near maryetta [i.e., Marietta, Georgia]
July 1st 1864

     Dear Juliaett to day being a day that we have not much to do our brigaid was relieved last night by the 3rd brigaid of our Division So to day the bulets dont whistle over our heads we are nearly a mild from the front line we had ben on the front line 28ht days and inn that time the 3rd brigaid had ben on the front line but four days the boys Say that the war wil certainly end by the fourth of July as the 3rd brigaid is at the front the 38th Ohio is inn that brigaid and it is an oald regt that went vetran last winter but it has never seen a hard fight yet

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I believe I have riten you all about our fighting and mooving up to the 25th the 26th the rebs kept very Still about (9.O.C.) we mooved to our right about four milds and lay down for the night 27th we Started for the right and front our division was held for reserve for the 2nd division which charged on the rebs works it was a hard charge and many is the man that lost his life and all without acomplishing any thing more than to get our works built up Some closter to them of the rebs the Shot and Shell flew over us when we advanced to the works that davises division left we got to them and when about half of us had got on to the works and ready to jump down on the other Side we was orderd to halt we got into the ditches just as quick as we could

Page 3      Images (pages 2 & 3): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

I hope I may never See Such a Sight again the wounded was brought back to whare we lay and their wounds dressed and then they took them back about forty rods to whare the ambulencees wer waiting to take them to hospital the 113th ohio lost very heavy about two hundred killed wounded and missing Some got onto the rebs works and knowing it would be certain death to attempt to get back just gave up and wer taken prisinors the rest of them and also a regiment from Ill. the 34th I think came runing back through our lines So that we had to put out a Strong guard to Stop them the 52nd ohio was also inn the front line of the charge and lost 80ty men I have not Seen Arther Corlett [i.e., Pvt. Arthur T. Corlett, Co. I, 52nd Ohio Infantry] or heard from him and dont know but he may be among the missing but hope not 28th the rebs Sent inn a flag of truse to get permition to

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to burey their dead which was granted and they worked right along with our men it took them until one o.c. the 29th when an oficer holowed out time the men jumped back to their works and then if one stuck his head above the works he got a ball into it by a Sharpshooter the 30th inn the morning at one o.c. the rebs tryed to drive inn our Scirmishers but they could not do it they had good works and they did not intend to leave them after dark our division mooved farther to the right and relieved a division inn the 20th Corps which went farther to the right Streatching out our flanking machine as the rebs calls it I was on camp guard and just after twelve o.c. I could hear heavy firing but wheather it was our men or the rebs I have not learned we have got to build breast works to night and it is geting So dark that I Shall have to Stop for to night and perhaps wil rite more inn the morning

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July the 2.nd

To day has ben a very Still day with us but we can hear heavy canonaiding and also musketry on our right and left early this morning about half past two I think we could hear very hard fighting to our left when it began it was nothing but musketry and that very heavy it roared along the line and sounded like distant thundar but when the artilery opened it drounded the Sound of the musketry it lasted but litel over an our I See by looking over one or two of your oald leters that I have not answerd Some of your questions you Spoke of my lame foot it got rather of a bad Strain the day we crossed the river that is nearly Six weeks ago and every time we march

Page 6      Images (pages 6 & 7): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

I get it hurt so that I am lame all the time but not So bad but that I have don my duty every day marching inn the dark and inn the woods over brush and logs is hard on it and that is just the time we do the most of our mooveing or marching night before last when coming here I hurt it and it is Swolen up So that I have not had my Shoe on Since yesterday morning but I guess it wil get wel inn a day or two So I can wear my Shoe at least my Shoulder is well or not lame any now at least when I get wet or catch coald it is very apt to be lame for a day or two it is a good deal like the rheumatism I think as for my health it could not be any beter but then we all feel prety wel tierd out this campaign is hard on men it is now nearly two months and

Page 7      Images (pages 6 & 7): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

and you might Say we have had no rest not hardly time to wash our cloaths we dont have any only what we have on and when we wash we have to take them off and wash them and put them right on wet. I got a leter from John and Marey day before yesterday they are wel and they have to brag on their little girl a good deal they think more of it than Some would of half a dozen girls we cant brag yet but I tell them to just keep still until after the war I have ben thinking to day about the length of time I have to Stay Should not the war end Sooner and that I am luckey enough to live it through it is a good while to look a head but then nearly two thirds of the time I enlisted for is now past

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and the rest of the time is wearing away every day
I got a leter from W--m Thomas the other day he is yet inn Knoxville I dont think he ever wil get very near whare the bulets whistel or clost enough to Shoot a reb you wanted to know if I thaught I had ever killed a reb that is one question I cannot answer but I have Shot at them a good maney times and Some times when prety clost and I tried to kil them as hard as I could I have taken as good aim Some times as ift I was Shooting at a Squirrel. But enough of this please excuse my long foolish leter and rite me a good long one inn return rite often

Good By from your husband
Charley to Juliaett

Transcription last modified: 16 Dec 2005 at 10:47 AM EST

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