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John M. Jackson Letters

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: John M. Jackson
Date: September 2, 1864
Place: 2nd Division Hospital, near Petersburg, Virginia
To: Betsey Mower Jackson and Delora Jackson

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 4 pages (20 x 13 cm.) on 1 folded sheet

Number: MSN CW 5017-31

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2nd Div. Hospital Near Petersburg.Va.Sept 2nd 1864
Dear Mother

     It is useless for me to try to tell how glad I was to hear from you under date of Aug 23d. I rec'd. the letter the 31st ult. I also wrote you the same day. I dont know what I wrote. I dont write any thing of any importance any time. I am getting along well. Hospital life is not so very bad any way. I hope you are all well at home if so I am content. I should like a mess of green corn I suppose you have plenty of that now I'd like some shelled beans tip-top. Peas. What a host of good things we have on a farm! Seems to me we have every thing that one could ask for to eat at this season of the year. Take good care of your health and dont work too

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hard. I have been trying to form my ideas definitely and have got two plans that suit me pretty well. I dont think of putting one of them into effect until I get Uncle Jepson's place but the other I can make at a very trifling expense as soon as I get home and I intend to try it if they get the Harrison place for me and perhaps if they dont. I shall look out for myself I'll warrant if there is the least chance to do so and "where there's a will theres a way" usually.
I feel a deep interest in all that relates to the prosperity of any member of the family. I dont feel as if I could have loved any other family if I had been a member of it as I do my own dear family. Hoping soon to hear from you. And hoping before very long to see you I remain your very affectionate son


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In Hospital Sept.2nd 1864
Dear Sister Delora.

     I presume you will feel more interest in the within trials than Mother will, for she will think "poor boy where will his friends come from?" but to make the green house the cost wont be more than to make any other kind of trellis that will accommodate the same number of vines. I have in my mind a trellis for the front yard but it is so simple there is no danger of my forgetting it if I wish to make it. I suppose Delinda [i.e., Delinda Jackson] will be at E. Sivermore when this reaches you. I wish her happiness as I do all of you Life would hardly pay if it were not for the usefulness that we may accomplish by living for God and our fellow man. I do ardently hope that hereafter I shall not live so much for the gratification of self as the good of others if I am permitted

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to live at all. I cannot realize my past life. that I was once free from care and when I was tired could lay back and rest have good living all the time and enjoy life the best I could, but what I have had to experience will only sweeten the pleasures of home and the society of friends if I am allowed the blessed privilege of enjoying them again. I do love to have you write me and tell of the scenes at home. Remember the little things are what solders like for I find I am not alone in this matter. I am ashamed to send such a looking letter as this but I know your love will pardon all the imperfections and I hope soon I will write better letters but I am rather tired and have written this in a great hurry for fear we should move this afternoon. You will preserve the within for me I know

Your very affection brother


Tell Delinda I have got acquainted with the Chaplain of the 31st and like him very much. He speaks very highly of her I tell you. I dont really think we will move this P.M. I hope not for I am having my pants and shirt washed

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Perhaps I will need some shirts this winter but dont send them until I send for them. I believe such boys as I cost more than they come to.

Additional text on Page 3      Images (pages 2 & 3): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

I dont dare to send the money for the goblets today for fear I wont have enough to last me but I think I shall save enough. I have to buy some extras here.

Transcription last modified: 11 Nov 2004 at 11:05 AM EST

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