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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: John Pugh
Date: March 30, 1862
Place: St. Thomas, Danish West Indies
To: Evan Pugh

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 4 pages (20 x 14 cm.) on 1 folded sheet

Note: Written on patriotic stationary

Number: MSN/CW 5009-1

Transcribed by: Jeremy Kiene and George Rugg, 2005

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St Thomas
Mar 30th 1862

Dear brother

     I once more have the pleasure of writing home. I like to write, and let you know what is going on out here on a foreign station. But heretofore, I have had so little time. Perhaps now, I will have more. You may wonder why it is that I wrote this, with ink, (for all my former letters were written with pencil) Well, I'l tell you. I am happy to say that I have got where I can use pen and ink. if I can only keep it, I will try. Day before yesterday, I was rated as Yeoman of the ship, through

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the influence of Mr Peake, (Engineer.) The yeoman we had has been sick for some time. And one day last week, he was put aboard the U.S.S. Iroquois. Which is now homeward bound. I have had considerable writing to do. As he, (the yeoman.) left things all adrift. The first thing was to take an Inventory of stores on hand, which took a day. Mr Peak said he would have had me fireing, two months ago, if the old man, had done right. There was another man tried hard for this situation, but his specimen of writing, couldn't hold a candle to mine, (or any other man.) I am now a petty officer, and in the mess with with the doctors steward, and the Sargent marine. & corporal.

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We sit at a table, on chairs, eat off a plates, and drink coffee out of boles, The first thing of the kind I have done for nearly six months. It goes very awkard after doing so long the other way. Sitting on deck, eating with my fingers, and drinking out of an old rusty pot. Our grub is about the same, only gotten up in a little better style. If I can only get along with the first Luff, I think I can do first rate. I expect to have to put up with a good deal of sharp talk. But this is war times. Are you still working at Graffs? Is business getting any better? When did you hear from John Buck, and the rest of the boys that went to do good for their country. Oh! but I would like to get a

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good long letter from home. Just to think, it is almost four months since I received a letter from any body. But I think, before long we will go where we can both hear, and see something. The talk is we'r going someplace on the blockade I suppose Ft Pickens or Key west will bee the first place. To get provissions. We hove over board 12 bbls of beans a few days ago that was spoilt. I wish they would do the same with some of the pork. The weather is getting quite warm out here. Four of the ships company is sick. It is said to be very sickly out here in the summer. I mailed a letter home a few days ago An American schooner has just came in. We may get some news. I heard a few minutes ago, that we sail soon, for Santa Cruze to take on water. From thence to Havana, Cuba. And then to the States.
I am quite well, hoping you are all the same, and with love to all, I remain your affectionate

J. Pugh

P.S. This is not my best writing, for it is written with a steel pen. And you know I cant write with a steel pen. I wish I could get some quills.

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Transcription last modified: 21 May 2007 at 02:08 PM EDT

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