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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Joseph T. Pugh
Date: June 1-5, 1864
Place: Columbus, Ohio
To: Sarah Ann Pugh

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 2 pages (25 x 20 cm.) on 1 sheet, and 4 pages (21 x 13 cm.) on 1 folded sheet

Number: MSN/CW 5009-7

Transcribed by: Jeremy Kiene and George Rugg, 2006

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Office 1/4 to 8
June 1st 1864

To Sarah Ann
Dear Daughter

     At the breakfast table this morning Dr Stanton [i.e., Dr. David Stanton] handed me thy letter of the 31st; pretty good time for a letter to make between New Brighton and Columbus you may think.
Well I suppose I may now in imnagination look at grandmother in New B. I would like very much to see her, how long does she in tend staying? I had supposed Etty was at home a week ago. Glad to hear from Evan and that they are all right. Has John not yet been down you say nothing about him or my boots. when they come send them by express, the office is within a few doors of our office. I got a pair of shoes made here, and have worn them once, I like them much. I wrote you on first day evening, suppose by this time the letters & paper have been recd. I like the situation well -- but fear the confinement and sitting will not agree with me. hope soon to have a change

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Capt Burr [i.e., Capt. Raymond Burr, assistant quartermaster] went to Toledo or some other place last week for lumber, and returned on seventh day night, reports favorably, and that it will be on in a few days, when I expect my duties will be of a different character. Cousin Lyd is better. The Huller Man is gone without my purchasing, I regret it much -- but hope yet to be able to procure a small district of territory. in some way or other. The Dr Moves his office to-day -- nearer us but farther from the boarding house -- he does not like it -- but has to submit. I have been down twice to Miami R. R. shops to see Mr Ford -- but neither time did I see him. will go again.

     Sixth day evening June 3d, past nine o clock. I have just come from the office. I went last evening and saw Mrs Ford. How are the strawberries getting along suppose you will soon be feasting on them, we had some last evening without cream. I think they cost 30 cents a qt tomorrow perhaps they will be cheaper. I would like to help you eat some of our own with good cream. Hope Henry [i.e., the author's son, Henry Pugh (b. 1853/4)] will keep the new ones in the chicken yard free from weeds, and in good order

Page 3      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI


Does the Rabbit trouble you still?, or is it killed.
I forget whether I said anything about the churches here. I think there are more in number -- than in any place of the size I ever saw, some very fine ones too.
I have seen but two or three drunken men since I came and have heard less profane swearing since I left home than I have heard on the Armenia in five minutes time. Those in our room, as far as I know -- swear not. Sometimes we have had a little from those of other rooms, when they came in to ours.
The State Capitol is a noble structure, very large and Substantial the stone columns are six feet in diamater at base, tapering about 8 or ten inches in 35 or 40 feet

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I have not yet been up to the dome but must go, soon. I have passed through the lower part two or three times there is no wood to be seen about it but the sash and doors: floors stairs &c all marble, or stone of some kind. Columbus is impoveing fast, very many new buildings have gone up since Cotton ceased to be King. One large block of four or five stories high stone front with seven as good store rooms on the ground floor as can be found any where on the ground floor is called the cotton block. and are many others are said to built have been built by -- or with cotton. Meaning no doubt that the men who have built them, have had

Page 5      Images (pages 4 & 5): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

Goverment contracts.
It is now 10 oclock. I will wait till first day to finish. Perhaps -- by that time I may get some new ideas.

First day 12 oclock.
     I have just been reading in the Pittsbg Commercial of the 2nd -- a long account of the Sanitary fair now being held in Allegheny. I see that Mrs Cade, Mrs Townsend & Mrs Hoops of New Brighton are managers, what Ms Townsend is it? The others I suppose I know. Mrs [illeg], & Mrs Frank. From accts it must be something great and wonderful, I would like to see it, when will it close? (I wrote to M. H & Co about Street Cars yesterday. maybe I can sell some for them. say nothing).
Sarah Ann has thee been in Charge of a table or stand at the fair? have you all been up?

Page 6      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

you need not send my boots til I further direct -- unless you have already done it.
I had expected to be able to send home a Photograph by this letter but I called last evening and it was not finished. I think likely the Dr will invite me to take a ride out to Camp Chase this afternoon as we were disappointed a week ago because of Mrs Cox being sick. Cousin Lyd was out to tea last evening, the first time for many days. We had strawberries last evening. The sold for 20 & 25 cts a qt in market yesterday.
Church People are just going home.

After Dinner.
     I have written or partly written a letter Evan since I last stopped above. There was a large Picnic of the S. S. Congregationalists yesterday at Delaware. Lizzie came home [illeg] near 9 oclk very tired. one little girl was lost, missing, left behind, or something I did not learn the particulars.

From Father.

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Please present M. T. Kennedys Bill which I enclose and ask him to please Cn so much of it as will pay what I owe in saw mill Books -- and pay you the difference if any. I think there is

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Dont you think this Ink is good, I will get a bottle or two it is Cincinnati make. "Butlers Excelsior" I think it first rate though green at first

Transcription last modified: 06 Mar 2007 at 03:06 PM EST

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