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Samuel T. Reeves Correspondence

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Document Type: Autograph Letter

Author: Samuel T. Reeves
Date: September 4, 1864
Place: Marietta, Georgia
To: Huldah Reeves

Physical Description: ink on paper; 5 pages (20 x 13 cm) on 1 folded sheet and 1 sheet

Number: MSN CW 5012-3

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Marietta Georgia
Sep the 4th 1864
My Dear Wife

     It is through the mercies of him that do all things right that I am Spared and have the privaleg of Seating my Self this beautiful Sabbath morning for the purpose of writing to my dear ones at home I hope that you are all well and have the privalege of going to Sabbath School and to church to day for that is one greate privaleg.
     well dearest I Suppose atlanta is ours but what it cost to take it I have not learned yet wee have heared Several different Stories about it one is that the 2n Brig of the 2n Division was all cut

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to peaces and then wee hered that the 2n Division is all Captured now wheather any of this is So or not I cannot tell I hope that it is fals I am verry ankcious to here from our boys and yet I am almost affraid to here from them, but wee can only hope for the better: well love my letter has not come yet. So I will not finish this letter untill after the male comes in: Dear I hope you are getting my letters doant be dishartened and give up writing for I will be apt to get your letters after a while: I will Send you my address again for feare you have not got it correct Samuel.T.Reeves General Field Hospital 23d.A.C.
     Marietta Georgia ) if they are directed this way they will come right through if they are not miscaried by Some othe mistake good by to my dear ones for the presant

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good eavening to you
     the male come in but no tidings from my Dear ones at home hoping that you are all well I will continue to write: the Doctor that has been Staying here with me died a few minutes ago he had the tifoid feever his naime is I.S. Wilson. I regret the loss for him and I got along fine. David Culbertson [i.e., Army Surgeon David P. Culbertson] will be in his Stead and I think that wee will get along full as well: oh how thankfull I feel to My Dear Savior when I look around and See the different ones falling on all Sides of Me this Dr Wilson took a greate intrest in my care and I never got much better untill he began doctoring me. now poor fellow has gone to try the realities of an unnowing world to us, and unworthy me Still Spared: (the lord is So good to us yet we are So unworthy may he forgive)

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oh how I would love to here from my loved ones: the last account you was going to move to your Self and I would love to know how you are getting along: but hoping that you are all rite and well I will try to be content ) remember me in your lonly hours for that is when reflections are the Sweetest to me: when I can kneel down in Some lonesom grove or by Some beautiful Streem, and ask god with a Simple and Scinsere heart to be with Me and My loved ones at home: these are happy momints to me yet I hope how Soon the time will come when wee will have the enjoymeny of eachothers presance when wee can kneel down around our firesid as wee have in days that are gon by: but the lords will be done ) give my love to all reserve a large portion to your self: a kiss to willie my health is good So good By for the present

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Crape Myrlte is the name of this beautiful flowe I will tell you more when I get home

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the flower that I sent in one of my letters it name is Crape mertle: it is a beautiful tree

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