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Shriver Family Correspondence

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Andrew Keiser Shriver
Date: April 26, 1860
Place: Park Hotel, New York City
To: Albert Shriver

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 4 pages (20 x 13 cm.) on 1 folded sheet

Number: MSN/CW 5030-01

Transcribed by: Jeremy Kiene and George Rugg, 2005

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New York Apl 26/60
"Park Hotel"

My dear Al,

     I wrote you from Baltimore about a month ago and certainly expected that I would find a letter here from you, but I have been at the P.O. every day and as yet have got none. I suppose you have forgotten it & think perhaps you have answered it -- or else the press of Business has been so great that you have not had time. I make all of these excuses for you, and suppose some of them will be correct -- Well I have been here about 10 days -- I suppose the Boys have posted you as to my movements. I was in Washington a day or two

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before I came on here, but only for one day -- I left Mother & Father in Balto when I left there but have since heard of their arrival home again.
     I expect I shall go home to the Wedding Party. I wish you could be here to join in the fun. We all look ford to a "good time" -- It may be that I cannot go, but I am going to try hard for it. I have just this morning closed a contract for some flooring by which I'll make enough to pay all of my expenses up to about 1st of June, (about $150, if every goes right) I can hardly say what I may expect to make in my operations here, but think I ought to make about $800. a year I am here you know selling

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it on commission, and there is no certainty what can be done. I dont see anything better though to get at so I may as well stick at it if I only make my expenses &c clear. I think though it will be a very vexatious kind of Bus' as you are all the time in expectation and a worry about whether you will make a sale or not and then too as to the time it will be finished and everything else of the Kind -- I had a letter from Wirt [i.e., Henry Wirt Shriver] yesterday, he writes in good spirits, and says the country begins to look very well -- and I expect they will try all they can to get all the fences white washed & things fixed up generally by the Wedding times. Bill [i.e., William Tell Shriver] I

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think wrote to you and no doubt told you all about his affairs &c. We all like her (Miss Roberta) [i.e., Roberta Lyon] very much. You knew her did you not? --
     You never told me yet if you met my friend Miss Blundin -- and what you thought of her. Have you found out anything about that new Hotel, as I asked you.
     I expect you had better write to me in Balto as I will be there by the time you can answer. Good Bye

Your affectionate Brother
A K Shriver

Mr Albert Shriver

Transcription last modified: 06 Mar 2007 at 02:40 PM EST

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