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Manuscripts of the American Civil War
Shriver Family Correspondence

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Document Type: Autograph Letter

Author: Andrew Keiser Shriver
Date: August 11, 1863
Place: [Virginia]
To: Mary Owings Shriver

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 4 pages (24 x 19 cm.) on 1 folded sheet

Note: Possibly lacking second sheet. Later editorial additions in pencil.

Number: MSN/CW 5030-03

Transcribed by: Jeremy Kiene and George Rugg, 2005

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Augt. 11th 1863

My dearest Mother,

     I take this opportunity, the first I have had, to relieve your mind in regard to Herbert [i.e., Thomas Herbert Shriver]. I did not get to hear of his having joined the army until the 24th of July, and I at once applied for leave of absence to go see him and got off on the 26th -- I went to Lexington & got my horse with the intention of following the army until I could find him I rode to Staunton from there to Waynesboro to Charlottsville & from there to the army having to traverse all the country around before I could find him the army moving at the time -- I finally succeeded in finding him near Fredksburg [i.e., Fredericksburg] -- I stayed two days in Genl Steuart's [i.e., Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart's] Qrs & he spoke very kindly of all of you & said Father [i.e., William Shriver] was the greatest old Reb he had seen for some time -- He said Herb had acted very bravely in every instance -- I also saw Genl Fitzhugh Lee, and got from him a pass for Herb to pass the Guards with -- When I told him that I was going to take Herb, away he said he was very sorry to hear it, that he considered him one of the best

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soldiers he had, but when he heard my intentions in regard to him, he agreed with me that it was the very best thing I could do for him & he would not desire to influence Herb to remain -- The Lt (Dorsey) comd'g co [i.e., Lt. Gustavius Warfield Dorsey, Co. K, 1st Virginia Cavalry] also said about the same thing, indeed I never heard anyone spoken more flatteringly of, than one & all from the privates to the Genl comdg spoke of him -- They all seemed to have taken a great fancy to him & he to them. He disliked to leave very much indeed cried when he came away from them.
     I hardly knew Herb when I first saw him he has grown so much & he looked so sun burnt & rough -- He seemed mighty glad to see me too. He said he should not have known me at first & thinks I have altered -- I had just shaved off all my beard except moustache about a month before & it is just coming out again, which of course makes considerable change in me & then I was dressed like one of our cavalry -- (Wool shirt & Pants &c) & pretty rough generally, as I had been in the army for some six days & had been roughing it with

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all the rest. & I suppose was very much Sun burnt as well as dirty. Herb seemed to like the life of a cavalryman very much He has been in four fights & took three prisoners & from all a/cs fought very bravely -- He seems considerably disgusted with southern chivalry & well he may, for I tell you a camp is awfully demoralizing & no matter who it is they become more or less tinged with the general failing -- He has not seen enough to know much, not at least as much as I know -- my experience has been considerable --
     Now let me tell you what I am going to do with Herb. I got him an appointment in the Va Military Institute at Lexington Va. I got it through the influence of our old Uncle Jacob [i.e., Jacob Sherman Shriver] -- I had to go there for my horse which I had bought some 6 weeks ago & I thought I would do all I could to get him in there -- This is their vacation or time for giving furloughs & those not on furlough are in camp near the Institute -- I knew it would be very difficult to get an appointment as it is such an excellent school & so many applicants -- but I determined to try & as good Luck

Page 4      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

would have it one boy was expelled the very day I got there so I made application at once & got it -- The school has only 50 cadets free and they must be from Va, thats the Law,-- they however have always taken about up to 100 as pay cadets -- and this last year it ran up to 300 -- & this year it will be 400 -- & I hear that at least 400 applicants have been rejected the last month, so you may know how popular the School is -- It is on the principle same as West Point & considered much more complete and thorough,-- more attention paid to the classics -- & the school of the soldier quite as complete. I got him from the appointment on two grounds, first as being a Marylander & no Marylander having been appointed & then on a/c of his youth & having joined the army & been in 4 fights &c & having left home &c -- I got it in an hour after I made the application -- I dont believe any one but Uncle Jacob could have gotten it for me -- He was exceedingly kind and I feel very grateful to him for his kindness -- Herb wants & dont want to go -- but every one agrees with me that it will be the best thing possible for him & then I know it will be such a relief to you to know that he is out of danger as well

Transcription last modified: 06 Mar 2007 at 02:37 PM EST

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