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Edward Bloodgood Battle Report

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Document Type: Letter signed
Document Title: Battle report re 22nd Wisconsin, 16 May to 10 July 1864

Author: Lt. Col. Edward Bloodgood
Date: July 10, 1864
Place: Near Chattahoochee River, Georgia
To: Lt. F. C. Crawford
Endorsement: Col. John Coburn

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 7 pages (25 x 20 cm) on 2 folded sheets

Number: MSN/CW 2000-1

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Page 1.

Head Quarters 22d Wis. Vols Infty
Near Chattahoochee River.
July 10th 1864

Lt. F. C. Crawford. Act. Asst. Adjt. Genl.
2nd Brig. 3d Div. 20t AC.


     I have the honor to submit the following, "Military History, of the 22nd Reg't Wisconsin Infantry, from May 16th 64, to July 6th 64. The Battle of Resaca, in which The Reg't was engaged, was fought May 15th and on the night following, the Enemey retreated. May 16th marched 16 miles, after retreating Enemey, Camping at night, on south bank of Oostanaula Creek Coosawattee River at Field's Mill. on 17th inst, marched from 3oc P.M. until 12oc P.M. May, resumed march at 4oc in the morning. At 4, P.M. The Reg't was detailed to guard Ordnance Train of 3d Div. 20t Corps. Went into Camp with Train. May 19th. Fearing an attack from the Rebel Cavalry, The Reg't enclosed the Train, in a Breastwork of Logs. At 2o:c: P.M. moved with Train to Camp near Cassville Ga. remaining here until May 21st when Reg't rejoined the Brigade. Lay in this Camp, drawing clothing &c. until, May 23rd. Marched Ten Miles, crossing Etowah River on Pontoons and camping near South Bank, in Line of Battle. May 24t. Marched Fifteen Miles, Camping for night near Burnt Hickory Gap.

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throwing up Breastwork. May 25th. Took up line of march at 7 1/2 am: taking direct road to Dallas Ga, The 2nd Div, 20th Corps commanded by Brig Gen Gearey came upon the Enemey, near Andersons Mills, and engaged at 4 P.M. The 3rd Div came up, and the 2nd Brigade, was forward as support to 2nd Division, the Regiment was on extreme left of Brig. The fight ceased with the darkness, and the Regiment was not engaged, though much exposed, losing 1 Man killed and 10 Men wounded, including 1 Officer. Lay, as supporting Line all night. May 26th moved to right of Brigade and relieved 33d Ind, on first line of works. Threw out skirmishers and perfected breastwork. At dark, was relieved by Troops of 2nd Div, 20th Corps, Moved 1/2 miles to right and camped Last, on Skirmish Line, during day, 1 Man Killed and 8 Men wounded, including an Officer. May 27th, took position in works in works in our front. The 1st Brigade, advanced beyond said works 1/4 miles and togather with a detail from 2nd Brig, threw up a line of Rifle Pits. Lost 1 Man wounded, Remaining in or near this position, with nothing of note, occuring losing 1 Man wounded, (May 28t) until June 1st 1864 When we were relieved by the 14th Army Corps, and the Div moved 6 miles to the Left. Camping on Large Hill

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June 2d. Raining-. Marched 2 miles to left and Brig was formed as a support to 23rd Army Corps. Was not engaged, built temporary breastwork and camped for Night. June 3rd Marched at 2 P.M. went into camp, near Marietta Road. Regiment was ordered to support a Battery of 3rd Div. got in position by 10o.c. at night and worked until day light, to complete works. June 4t. Moved to front. 10 Rods, on line with the Brigade. Built breastworks. and camped. remaining until June 6t when the Brig marched 5 miles on Marietta Road. Took position on left of road, near New Hope Mt Olivet Church, building Breastwork. Lay in this position, doing some picket duty, until June 15t Rained steadily, most of this period. June 15th moved after Enemey who fell back to fresh position. at noon, came upon the Rebel Skirmishers. The 1st Brigade moved upon the Enemey, driving them inside their works at Golgotha Church. The Reg't (with Brig. was formed as support to 1st Brig. At dark, 2d Brig relieved the 1st Brig on first Line and worked all night, building works. Lost 2 Men wounded on Skirmish Line. June 16th. Held position. Lost 3 Men Killed and 7 wounded by Rebel Sharpshooters. At dark, the Enemy opened their artillery on our works, under cover of which, they fell back. June 17t. Followed after Enemey, taking a position in open Field facing their works. Lost 1 Man Wounded. June 18th. Skirmishing in front. Lost 1 Man Killed

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Page 4.

and 2 men wounded. June 19t. Enemey retreated in the night. Div marched at 10,oc AM. coming upon the Enemey near the Right base of Kenesaw Mountain. The Div. moved forward in three Lines. 2d Brig in the Rear. Heavy Skirmishing, but no engagement. At dark the 1st and 3rd Brigades were withdrawn, leaving 2nd Brig on Front Line, built breastwork, and Camped for Night. June 20t. moved 30 Rods to front and built breastwork, remaining here until morning of June 22d when the 2d Brig moved forward out of their works and driving the Enemies Skirmishers 1/2 miles, took and strengthened position to the left and on line with 3rd Brig. At 5. PM. the Enemey charged the position but were repulsed. Reg't lost 2 Men Killed and 10 wounded. At dark was relieved by 4th AC. and moving 2 1/2 miles to the right, Camped for night. June 23rd. Moved short distance to the right and advanced to connect with Left of 23rd Corps. Strengthened this position which was near Marietta Turnpike and lay in, or near said position until July 3rd doing picket duty, drawing Clothing, &c, and losing 7 men wounded. (Col Wm L. Utley), who Commanded the Regiment, since leaving Lookout Valley

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May 3rd/64. Was ordered to Chattanooga Tenn July 2nd 64 and the Command, devolved upon Lt. Col. E Bloodgood. On The night of The 2nd inst. the Enemey retreated, falling back to Range of Hills bordering the Chattahootchie River. Early on the 3rd inst. The 3d Div. moved on Marietta Road. After going 2 miles, their progress was checked by Shells from Rebel Battery. 2nd Brig was ordered to recconoitre ground between Road and Geary's Column (2d Div.) on the right. Advanced 2 miles in Line of Battle. Passed Geary. and threw out Skirmishers The Reg't being held to support them. advanced in line 3 miles, driving in Rebel outposts and finally, coming upon their Inftry Picket. Took position and fortified within 3/4 miles of Enemies Works. At 4. PM. Was relieved by 14th Army Corps and moving to Right and rear, Camped for night. July 4th moved 3 miles to right and camped, after building breastwork to repel an imaginary foe. July 5th Enemey fell back to last Line of works this side the River, in the night. Marched 4 miles, passing thro works left by Enemey, and camped in rear of 16th Army Corps. July 6th moved 2 miles to the left and took position in 2d Line of Battle, Making Camp. Where we remained until July 10t drawing clothing &c.


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The Regiment numbers 365 Effective Men. The General health of the camp is good.

I have the honor to be,
Very Respy Yrs.
E Bloodgood, Lt Col
Comdg 22nd Regt. Wis. Vol.

In Field Georgia.
Sunday July 10t. 64

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Hd. Qrs. 22d Wisconsin Vol. Infty
In field near Chattahoochea River Ga. July 10th 1864

Bloodgood, Edward.
Lt. Col. 22d Wis. Vols.

Report as to 22d Wis. Vols in the Campaign from May 16th, 64 to July 10th 1864.

[First Endorsement]

Head Quarters 2d Brig 3d Div 20th Corp near Chattahoochee River July 16th 1864
Respectfully forwarded John Coburn col comding Brigade

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