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Daniel Ruggles Report

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Date: October 22, 1862
Place: Jackson, Mississippi
Author: Brig. Gen. Daniel Ruggles
To: Gen. Samuel Cooper

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District of the Mississippi.
Hd. qrs. Jackson Miss.
October 22. 1862.

To General S. Cooper
Adjt & Insp. Genl.
Richmond Va.


     I have the honor to report for the information of the Hon Secretary of War that in endeavouring to regulate and restrain intercourse and trade throughout the ports along the coast of Lake Ponchartrain and the Gulf, I have found it necessary to issue from time to time orders and instructions touching the following points: 1st General Orders. Nos 2 & 4, dated July 2nd & 4th, and a letter dated July 11th (App. Nos. (1) (2) & (8)) prohibiting intercourse and trade with the Enemy. Also Instructions to Provost Marshals defining their duties and mode of procedure in discharging them dated July 10th, and General Orders No 6. dated July 12th, (App. Nos. (4) & (7)).
2nd General Orders Nos 5 & 7 & 9 relating

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to discipline and internal organisation (App Nos. (3) (5) & (6).
3rd. Copies of letters and orders numbered from 9 to 28 respecting trade and intercourse. Nos (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (20) (21) (22) (23) & (24) to (28) are repectfully referred to connected with this subject.
4th. My letter of this date respecting allegations made by Captain Carter, with letters on the subject marked A. B. C.
5th. On the question of the exportation of Cotton &c I am enabled to state that in consultation with Major Broadwell Government Agent, as to the means of obtaining articles of prime necessity, viz: Saltpetre, Nitric Acid, Medicines, Salt &c, Major Broadwell stated that he had instructions to obtain these articles by the exportation, if necessary, of such articles as we had, "Cotton not excepted" and as all other means had failed I reluctantly consented to the exportation of Cotton in small quantities under guaranty for European consumption.
     Under this authority about one hundred and eighty eight Bales of cotton have been shipped for European ports and Mr Tardos has brought in One thousand Sacks

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of Salt entitling him to one hundred Bales of cotton, which as yet, he has not been allowed to export. The Salt has been received and mostly distributed among the people for bacon and cotton.
    The legal points connected with this matter I do not deem it necessary to discuss, merely referring to the laws and the letter of the Hon. J. P. Benjamin Secretary of State on the subject, and leaving the question of policy to be settled between Major Broadwell and the Departments of the Government under whose instructions he has been acting.
     If however it is the wish of the Hon. Secretary of War to make a rigid investigation as to the whole subject of the trade through our lines I shall, at all times, be ready to act in conjunction with the proper authorities.

Very repectfully
Your obdt Servt.
(signed) Daniel Ruggles.
Brig. General Comdg. Dist.

RM Hooe

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District of the Miss.
Hd. qrs. Jackson Miss.
Oct 22. 1862.

Daniel Ruggles.
Brig. Genl. Comdg Dist.

Enclosing documents relative to the cotton trade.

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