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Manuscripts of Colonial and Revolutionary America
Records - Connecticut

What follows is a list of Colonial and Revolutionary era records and record groups originating in Connecticut, from the manuscript holdings in the Department of Special Collections, University Libraries of Notre Dame. Record series included here date wholly or primarily from the years before 1788.

  • WILLCOCKSON FAMILY RECORDS. 1691/92 to 1775. 4 documents. Four documents pertaining to several generations of the Willcockson (Willcocks, Wilcox) family of Hartford County, Connecticut. The group includes: a deed of sale dated 11 February 1691/92, recording the transfer of land in Farmingtowne from Samuel Willcocksun of Simsbury to Jacob Brownsonn; an undated deed of gift recording the transfer of land from Samuel Willcockson, Sr. of Simsbury to his son William; a 1730 indenture binding Abraham Addams as an apprentice weaver to William Willcockson, Jr. of Simsbury; and a 1775 bond signed by John Willcocks of Haddam, confirming an £80 obligation to Bengman Merels. MSN/COL 1002-1 to MSN/COL 1002-4. [Finding Aid]

  • WILLIAMS FAMILY LAND DEEDS. 1726-1776. 28 documents, many partly printed. A group of 28 deeds of sale recording land purchases made by Ephraim Williams (1691-1761) and his son, Captain Elias Williams (1718-1798), of Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut. The transactions involved many different individuals, though 24 of the 28 parcels thus acquired were located in Wethersfield. The nine earliest deeds (1726-1758) cite Ephraim Williams as purchaser; all thereafter cite Elias Williams. MSN/COL 1000-1 to MSN/COL 1000-28. [Finding Aid]

  • DANIEL GILLET BOND. 1730. 1 document. A document fragment confirming a £12 obligation of Daniel Gillet of Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut, to John Moore. On the verso of the document is a procedure for dressing sheepskin. MSN/COL 1008-1.

  • CONNECTICUT. RECEIPTS FOR BILLS OF EXCHANGE. 1760-1765. 24 documents. A group of receipts to various individuals for payments made to the Connecticut treasury for bills of exchange. MSN/COL 1005-1 to MSN/COL 1005-6.

  • JUDICIAL WARRANTS AGAINST JAMES LIVINGSTON. 1770. 2 documents. Two warrants written and signed by justice Elijah Backus (1725/26-1798) to the constables of Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, authorizing that James McCarty Livingston or Levingstone, a transient twice convicted of stealing, be whipped. MSN/COL 1003-1 to MSN/COL 1003-2. [Finding Aid]

  • CONNECTICUT. TIMOTHY GREEN ACCOUNT RECKONING. 1771. 1 document. The document includes 1) an itemization of stationary, printing, and binding services provided to the Connecticut colony by the New-London printer Timothy Green (1737-1796), 10 July and 16 September 1771; 2) approvals for payment of the total of £19 0s 8d by the upper and lower houses of the colony's General Assembly (October 1771); and 3) Green's signed acknowledgement of the account's settlement. The three printing jobs itemized are for "1100 Copies of last May Laws, consisting of one sheet each" (£3 15s 0d); "Laws and a Colony Charter Dd his Honour the Governor" (2s 6d); and "300 Election Sermons, consisting of 3 1/4 Sheets at 40/" (£6 10s 0d). MSN/COL 1009-1. [Finding Aid]

  • ABRAM HEMINWAY JR. LAND DEED. 1779. 1 document, partly printed. A deed of sale recording the transfer of land and attached property from Abram Heminway to Jessie Upson and Richard Barrett, for the sum of £150. The land is located in New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut. MSN/COL 1001-1. [Finding Aid]

  • CONNECTICUT. ORDERS OF PAYMENT FROM PAY TABLE OFFICE. 1780-1781. 5 documents. A group of five manuscript orders of payment to various parties from the Connecticut Pay Table Office in Hartford. MSN/COL 1007-1 to MSN/COL 1007-5.

  • CONNECTICUT. REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS' CERTIFICATES OF SERVICE AND RECEIPTS FOR ORDERS OF PAYMENT. 1780-1783.15 documents, some partly printed. A group of eight manuscript certificates verifying the service in the Continental army of seven different Connecticut soldiers, accompanied by seven partly printed receipts for the orders of payment issued by the Pay Table Committee in Hartford to these same soldiers. The soldiers in question are: Joseph Hull of Killingworth (private, 7th Connecticut Regiment); John Havens of Windsor (6th Connecticut Regiment); Elijah Sprague of Lebanon (Col. Jeduthan Baldwin's Regiment of Artificers); Jonathan Jennings of Preston (5th Connecticut Regiment); Daniel Whitney (3rd Connecticut Regiment); Solomon Payne of East Windsor; and Samuel Hinsdale of Harwinton. MSN/COL 1006-1-B. [Finding Aid]

  • CONNECTICUT. REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS' PAYMENT RECORDS. 1780-1783. 4 documents, 2 partly printed. Four unrelated soldiers' payment records, as follows: a note to the Connecticut Pay Table Committee from Middleton selectmen Elijah Hubbard and Chauncey Whittelsey, certifying to the death of John Robinson of the 3rd Connecticut Regiment; a receipt for order of payment issued by the Pay Table Committee to Noah Coleman, surgeon; a request from Enos Blacksley to the Pay Table Office, for the balance due him for his service with the 6th Connecticut Regiment in 1780; and an order from the Pay Table Office that James Gallett be paid £27 0s 9d for service in the Continental army. MSN/COL 1004-1 to MSN/COL 1004-4. [Finding Aid]

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