The indexes of banned books published by the Holy Office reflect the evolution of the Holy Office from the 15th century onward. The early editions (see Valdés' Cathalogus Librorum, Valladolid, 1559, based on an index published at the University of Louvain in Belgium) are reprints of foreign indexes. Inquisitor General Gaspar Quiroga's two-volume work, Index et Catalogus Librorum prohibitorum and Index Liborum Expurgatorum, Madrid, 1583-1584, was the first index reflecting the Spanish Inquisition's own listings. This work helped Spaniards of the day identify books that may have slipped by the Holy Office by including criteria for prohibition: e.g., all books by Moors and Jews, books on astrology, as well as all vernacular bibles.


#42 - Cathalogus Librorum

#44- Index et Catalogus Librorum prohibitorum


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