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Manuscripts of the American Civil War
Thomas Benton Alexander Diary

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Opening: 57 verso, 58 recto
Date(s) of entries: August 30, 1862 to December 11, 1863 (57v); December 16, 1863 (58r)
Author: Thomas Benton Alexander
Content: Song and diary (57v); Diary (58r)

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5 They have given her to another
She will love him too they say
If her memory doth not chide her
Oh perhaps. perhaps she may
But I know that she hath spoken
What she never can forget
And Though this hart be broken
It will lover her yet.

wrote by T.B. Alexander at camp Douglas Illinois
Aug The 30th 1862

The oath come up Aug 28/62

J. M. Kerr Deserted from Mobile Nov The 26.1863

I went in Lousiana [sp. Louisiana] Hospital Dec The 11/63

was Discharged Dec The 16,1863 & Returned to my command

Tolberton near Geneva [?] train from Atlanta to chatanuga [sp. Chattanooga] 138 miles

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