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Manuscripts of the American Civil War
Thomas J. Barb Diary

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Opening: 13 verso, 14 recto
Date(s) of entries: August 21 to 25, 1863
Author: Thomas Jacob Barb
Content: Diary

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The Regiment went about two miles and camped for the night

Friday 21st we staid at this last place till about dark and then, went out in the Pararie and lay down to sleep holding our horses by the Bridle, our Co went on a scout to day

Saturday 22ed last night while sleeping on the Pararie our horses stampeded and run off. a good many never got theres till this morning, we went back to our old camp's and ground flour on a hand mill and went to baking Bread but had to leave before we got it done and go to Brownsville. the feds has started that way

Saturday 23 we got to our old camp's at Brownsville at 10,o clock after traveling all night, sleepy hungry and tired


Sunday 24th we moved from our old camp's at Brownsville to Bayou Meto about 7 miles to day. the feds is reported 7 miles south east of Browns

Monday 25th this morning we heard Marmaduke [i.e., Brigadier General John S. Marmaduke] fireing on the feds with artillery. we saddled up and struck out across the Pararie and came very near being cut off but got to the big road safe. went to within six miles of the Bridge on Bayou Meto and there formed and waited for Marmaduke to fall back I was left on picket with some more and then the command went back to the Brige

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