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Manuscripts of the American Civil War
Caley Family Correspondence

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Charles Caley
Date: September 24, 1863
Place: Chattanooga, Tennessee
To: Juliaette Carpenter Caley

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 8 pages (21 x 13 cm.) on 2 folded sheets

Number: MSN CW 5024-16

Transcribed by: Jonathan Lawrence and George Rugg, 2004-05

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Chattanooga Sep 24th 63

     My Dear Wife it is with much pleasure I Sit down to rite a fu lines to you it has ben So long Since I have had a chance to rite to you I reseived yours of the 13th yesterday and was very glad to hear from you and the rest of the folks at home but Sory you had Such a hard time in Cleveland as wel as being disapointed in not having Sarah to go with you I hope you Enjoyed your viset at Mareys but am afraid you couldnot as you are not very wel acquainted with her and the rest of them

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I am wel but it is not wel with all of us last thursday our Regiment was Sent out on picket on the right wing of our lines to Support the pickets which was having Some trouble with the enamy we Stayed untill friday noon when we wer relieved and went back to to the plaice we had ben for two or three days Stayed thair untill darck and Started for the extreme left of our lines whair the rebs was concentrating their forces intending to brake through to Chattanooga we marched all night and the next day untill about nine oclock halted in the road untill about eleven oclock when the

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enamy and Wilders men began to comence a quarel they had it rather hot for a Spel and was driving our forces back and we was orderd into the field a bout one we got at it and kept up a brisk firing untill about four the the rebs began to drive our right wing three Regiments on our right and two on our left broke and run we held our ground untill they got round on our right and comensed a cross fire on us we was orderd to fall back as we Started on our retreat it incouraged them on and the bulets thined our ranks So fast that we had to brake and run as the rest had done

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we had a great many wounded but not but a fu killed thoes in our co was E Crawford Severly in the ankel and will probably have to have his leg taken off O Dimmick [i.e., Pvt. Orlando Dimmick, Co. F, 105th Ohio Infantry] wounded in the hand Corp King [i.e., Corp. John Harvey King, Co. F, 105th Ohio Infantry] in the leg and H. F. March [i.e., Pvt. Henry March, Co. F, 105th Ohio Infantry] also in the leg and R. B. Barlas [i.e., Pvt. Robert Barlass, Co. F, 105th Ohio Infantry] Woodard [i.e., Pvt. Dwight H. Woodard, Co. F, 105th Ohio Infantry] was wounded but I dont no whare the rest of us got off all right a Small Shot hit my right Shoe just above the Sole and went through just enough to make a mark on my foot we retreated back about two milds Stayed untill about darck and went back to or near the plaice we had faught it being my turn I went out on picket and Stayed untill the next morning and was relieved

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by Some of the other boys ho took our plaices they had not ben thair long before Som Sharp Shooters began to fire on them and they had to fall back to our brigaid for Support the Rebels folowing them as far as the eage of the timber when our bateryes opend on them they kept up heavy firing for about three ours when the enamy tryed to charge on our bateryes but was driven back by the 68th 101st and 75th ind Regiments Several times with very heavy loss they wer behind Some breast works and Suferd but very litel the enamy then tryed to flank them our regiment was held back as reserve and lay behind them on

Page 6      Images (pages 6 & 7): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

the ground and the Shot Shel and bulets went over us as thick as hail when the rebs came round on our right we wer orderd to charge having our beyonets fixed we rose and Swung round to the right and went forward with a yel which Scard the rebs we let them have a voley kiling men and horses with great Slaughter we drove them about a mild to another line that they had and they turned and tryed to flank us but we turned and Swung on their flanking party and drove them then as before we then turned and Swung on their right and drove them a third time but

Page 7      Images (pages 6 & 7): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

but charging to far we got through their lines and they tryed to close in on us but as we had cut through of cours we could cut our way out again and did So loading and firing all the time through the charge our los was very Small loosing but ten men in the charge Co F loss was C. R. Brown [i.e., Pvt. Charles R. Brown, Co. F, 105th Ohio Infantry] and George Martin [i.e., Pvt. George Martin, Co. F, 105th Ohio Infantry] I Suppose they wer wounded and fel in the hands of the enamy as we of course had to leave the field the wounded of the day before was at a house and Some of them fel in the hands of the Rebels I am Sorey for the boys I Should like to See Emery and all the rest of them

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Since the batel [i.e., Chickamauga, 19-20 Sept. 1863] we have fel back into Chattanooga and are fortifying very Strongly worked nearly all night last night I nearly forgot to Say that we took a brigadier General Adams [i.e., Brig. Gen. Daniel Weisiger Adams] killed a Capt and two Lutenan and wounded a Majer and took twenty Six prisiner it is Said to be one of the hardest beyonet charges ever made and that the 105th is all that Saved the fourth division this time
I must now draw this to a close but I have lots more to rite if I only had time So no more this time

from your Husband in love

Transcription last modified: 16 Dec 2005 at 04:01 PM EST

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