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Pugh Family Letters

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Joseph T. Pugh
Date: July 7, 1864
Place: Columbus, Ohio
To: Family

Physical Description: Ink and blue pencil on paper; 4 pages (25 x 20 cm.) on 1 folded sheet, 2 pages (13 x 20 cm.) on 1 sheet

Note: Minor textual additions in blue pencil, in Joseph Pugh's hand.

Number: MSN/CW 5009-9

Transcribed by: Jeremy Kiene and George Rugg, 2006

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Page 1      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

Q. M. Office Columbus O.
Half past 2 P.M.
July 7, 1864

To All at Home

     On my return to the Office after dinner to-day, I called as usual at the Post Office, and found a letter from Sarah Ann. and as I am not now pressed with business -- thought I would answer it at least in part.
     I am glad to again hear from Evan -- and that he is well.
     But sorry to hear that Henry has -- or is likely -- to have a sore finger. Hope it may not prove to be any thing very serious. Are the apples most ripe? We had a nice rain here about 2 Ock yesterday afternoon, and it looks now as if we might have more Soon. Many of the trees in the State House Square have died for want of moisture during the dry weather

Page 2      Images (pages 2 & 3): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

We have in the corner of the Block in which our Office is a Boston Museum where they grind from morn till night an Organ which (not withstanding I am fond of music) is truly annoying in the extreme. I think however for the past few days it has not been quite so bad -- perhaps the boy who turns -- has got lazy -- I hope he has.
I have not yet moved my boarding -- and may not as the Dr was just in and said he did not know but that it was too late for a man was there at noon to get a room, & he did not know but that Mr G. had given him the one I expected to haveget get. If so, let it be. I can do without it. I am now fully up with the Copying -- having finished (as far as I now can) yesterdays -- doings. I have heard nothing more from Capt Burr about the hospitals -- and do not know that I shall ask him again. I suppose when he wants me out there he will say so.

Page 3      Images (pages 2 & 3): 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

what kind of a door bell have you got? is it one of the coffee mills -- with a crank? or is it a pull. When I get home I intend to have a night latch, or lock for the front door. Is there any signs of having a fresh cow soon, -- or have you plenty of milk for all purposes. Has James Wilson got well -- he was sick when I left. How about the Johneys coming in to Pennsylvania again -- are there any of our Brighton boys who want to go to Gettysburgh or chambersburg again? How doe the news of Joe Hoops' death -- effect his father -- how sad it is. How glorious the news of the sinking of the Alabama -- and yet mortifying that they did not get Capt Capt Semmes [i.e., Capt. Raphael Semmes, CSN]. I wonder if Uncle Abraham has got enough to make a demand on John Bull for his surrender. I am not altogather clear in my own mind -- whither at this time it would be prudent to do so -- but I do think in justice to all parties

Page 4      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

when the proper time arrives, a demand should be made -- and made in such a way as to be un-mistake-able. and that the British Lion be made to acknowlege the wrong -- under which they labour -- It is now very dark -- and thundering -- I think it will rain in a few minutes. I hope to not see an other 4th of July for almost one year -- as it was a very long day to me. there was nothing doing in any of our Offices. In the morning I went up in the top (or as near as I could get) of the State House, from where I had a pretty good vew of the great City of Columbus. In the afternoon I went to the Penitentiary. In the evening -- from the steps of the Capitol I watched -- for a time, a miserable attempt at fire works. half past 5 have had a glorious rain & threatening more. I am too late. Mr Gobey has let the young man have the room I expected to get. I have not seen Mrs Kimble since last first day week, her children are not yet well since having the measles

Page 5      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI

Well Son. I would have written on a separate piece of paper but feared it might be over weight, so I concluded for the present to write but little to thee. I saw a little poney, three years old, sell here on the 4th, for $39.25. If I could have turned it over to someone near home with out too much trouble or expense to be kept a while I would have bid it a little higher, and mayby have bought it. Be a good boy perhaps there may be an other one sold sometime

So good night Son

Page 6      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

To Irene.

Well daughter -- how do the Chickens, Accordeon, & bird come on, has thee learned any new pieces? I would like if I could hear thee play a few of thy best ones -- I think it would be a relief from that intolerable organ which is now grinding out some tune for the 999 time or more How is Mary Glass and little George. give mary a kiss for me when thee next sees her and write to me all thats new.

Good night Daughter

Additional text on Page 1      Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

Cecelia give Emma a kiss for me and say to her perhaps I may have an opportunity of giving her one myself before long.

Transcription last modified: 06 Mar 2007 at 03:06 PM EST

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