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Pugh Family Letters

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Joseph T. Pugh
Date: July 14, 1864
Place: Columbus, Ohio
To: Family

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 4 pages (25 x 20 cm.) on 1 folded sheet

Number: MSN/CW 5009-10

Transcribed by: Jeremy Kiene and George Rugg, 2006

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Q. M. Office Columbus Ohio
1 1/2 P. M. July 17th 1864

Beloved Onces at Home.

     As expected -- I received a letter from Sarah Ann by Mr Osgood. He came to my boarding house in the evening of the day he returned, but I had left -- expecting to meet with him about the Corner -- where I had previously met with him -- or -- go to his house, but I left it off too long to go that evening, concluding to go the next -- which I did. I found however on my return the letter as before stated.
I wished to see him, to know something about what they were doing at the Car Factory, and other matters. I saw at his house two of his sisters, the younger of which, I had met there on a former occasion, but it was so dark, I could not again recognize her. the Older one is very pretty, I think, & do not know -- but that the other is also -- as I scarcly got to see her. Mr O asked me last evening to go

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to go down this afternoon -- and I dont know but I will when I finish writing.
I have now been out to the Hospitals five days -- and like it very much -- but would like it better If I had a better riding horse or a Buggy; and indeed I will have a change of some kind -- for with all the flesh I have on my bones now, to come in contact with a bad shaped cavalry saddle astride a monstrous rough trotting horse is almost more than I am willing to put up with. I have been taking a few crackers, and sometimes a piece of bread & butter in my pocket for dinner, and would by supper time -- under more favorable Circumstances, have I think a pretty good appetite: but its no use -- perhaps I am some what prejudiced but I cannot relish the the food as I would like. The day before yesterday we had a very heavy rain which lasted about 3/4 of an hour. whent it quit I started for town, it Commenced again -- to rain moderately, and increased some little and by the time I got in -- I was quite wet. It is three miles out

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to where we are building. We have now four of the 12 wards raised, and three more nearly ready to raise: two of them have the rafters on, and one partly sided. they are each 100 x 25 feet, and are to be covered with paper, asphaltum & gravel. By the way, I think -- as I have for years past -- that such a covering is no great things.
Yesterday afternoon I took a bath in the River (as they are pleased to term it here) the Sciota. it is now about as green as the Beaver gets at any time, and I think much more impure. I think it will be a pretty good place for those who like ague -- but I do not.
I forgot to say in my last letter, that on 7th day the 9th of this month, Capt Wm Sterling of the (I think 7th Ohio Inf.) [i.e., Capt. William R. Sterling, Co. I, 7th Ohio Infantry] Called here for transportation to Cleveland, where he was going for the purpose of being mustered out of service. he had been a prisner (I think he said for nine months) and -- togather with a few others had made their escape from the cars whilst being taken from Richmond

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to some point farther South (I think in Georgia.) They managed to cut a hole in the rear end of the car (a close one) or at least in door in the end, -- and when the came to a place where the train had to run slowly, they passed out and threw threw themselves off without injury, and it being in the night, and close by the woods, they were not observed by the guard on board. They were about four weeks in getting through. I had quite a talk with him, he looks well, but thin, and seems to be well posted in regard to the country through which he has passed -- and state of matters generally. connected with the rebels in that section of country.
Have you head from Balitmore lately? I suppose Grandmother is now feeling more easy, -- as well She may, since the departure of the Johnies.
What is John going to do for a boarding place? is he getting any more than $2.50 per day yet. I have no doubt he could get $3.00 if he was to try. if not there -- he could other places.
With love to all will now stop.


Transcription last modified: 06 Mar 2007 at 03:06 PM EST

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