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Pugh Family Letters

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Joseph T. Pugh
Date: July 24, 1864
Place: Columbus, Ohio
To: Sarah Ann Pugh

Physical Description: Ink on paper; 4 pages (25 x 20 cm.) on 1 folded sheet

Number: MSN/CW 5009-11

Transcribed by: Jeremy Kiene and George Rugg, 2006

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Q. M. Office Columbus O July 24 /64

To Sarah Ann
Dear Daughter

     I last evening on my return from Hospitals found a letter from thee dated 22nd. I also received one from Irene & one from Evan on last third day evening. the latter -- I will send home.
Say to Irene I am very much obliged for her long, and very good letter. Hope Henry has intirely recovered from his over eating, must be more careful hereafter. Did you find room in the barn for all the hay? guess the grass crop is pretty short in consequence of the dry weather.
Glad to learn that Frank & Emma have at length last found a name for the babe with which they are satisfied. Although I do not think it as pretty as Mary -- still I like the name very much. Am pleased to know they have spent the Afternoon with you.
I suppose the raspberries will yield a bountiful crop next year. I have no doubts

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as to the propriety of pruning at this season of the year. Am sorry you can not have more rain. we had a very heavy rain here one day last week, lasting about an hour. Out at the Hospitals we had no wind of consequence -- but here, in the City -- many trees were blown down or broken, some houses unroofed partially, and one end of the North School hous (a brick building) blown in, and the roof very much injured. I think $1.00 a pound pretty high for butter. When does Cousin Ann expect to return, I would like very much to get home in time to see her and mother before they leave. I may get home some time next week. but cannot now say. I fear Jack Townsend will never be much better -- the (Dr Stantons opinion to contrary not withstanding) Thee says John is now boarding at Williams' So am I. but it is not the same -- I only wish I could truthfully say it was fully equal in point of cookery, but it is greatly inferior in that particular. In regard to depositing Evans money -- I will say that I think

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as it will make but little difference, for one month -- perhaps you may keep it till you see, or hear from me again. I may possibly want to use it, as you will see by reading his letter to me, that I am at liberty to do so. I have written this morning to Indiana in regard to the wheat cleaner, and if they accept of my proposotion I may or will be home next week.
     I think it will be best for thee to see Edward Hoopes, if he will take the trouble when he goes to Beaver (if he has not already paid his Taxes) to and give him twenty five or thirty dollars, to pay the State & County Taxes assessed to Joseph T. Pugh Evan Pugh, and John Pugh's Heirs. I do not know what the amount is but think that will be sufficient. He generally goes about the last of July. They must be paid before the first day of August to entitle me to the discount, which, at this time is worth attending to. If Edward has been down, perhaps thee can see some one else that will attend to it, or get a horse & Buggy

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and go thyself.
Did Grandmother and thee go to Columbiana? I conclude not -- or thee would have said something about it; and not only so -- but the Raid into Pa & Maryland "my Maryland". being about the time you talked of going, I suppose neither of you felt very much like it: but as matters are again "quiet on the Potomac" you may yet go. No doubt Cassandra Michels, and others at Columbiana would be much pleased to see Mother. I saw Dr Metzgar here about the time I came, but have not seen him since. Mother (I mean Grandmother Pugh) will know who I mean, he married Mary Allens sister. I think he is still out at Camp Chase, as assistant surgeon. Mother wants to know "how my eyes are" they are not feeling very well; at times they seem quite dim and pain me some. I regret to hear of C. Stewards death -- though -- I thought when I last saw him, he was not long for this worlds troubles.
I am sorry -- though I can not say much disappointed that the reapers do not fill their expectations. Mr Osgood did, at Crestline make himself known to Cousin Lyd, & tendered his services.

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give my love to all not forgetting Aunt Lydia and Aunt Sarah White. I would enclose some money for home but think I may as well take it my self.

Thy Father

Transcription last modified: 06 Mar 2007 at 03:06 PM EST

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