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Samuel T. Reeves Correspondence

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Samuel T. Reeves
Date: March 12-13, 1865
Place: Camp Dennison, Ohio
To: Huldah Reeves

Physical Description: ink on paper; 6 pages (21 x 13 cm) on 1 folded sheet and 1 sheet

Number: MSN CW 5012-6

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No. 2:
Camp Dennison Ohio
March the 12/65
My Dear Companion

It is with love and respect to you and many thanks to our Dear Savior for his kinde care over us and the greate blessing that he has bestowed on unworthy me of Sparing my life to See another Sabbath morning and blessing me with tolorable health and with the privalege of writing to my Dear ones at home (home) what a thought of reflection it brings to my minde) (Dear ones at home) never can that thought leave my memory while life is given to this body of mould) but thare is another home and Dear friends thare) and one to be loved above all others: that Dear Jesus that Sufferd and died on the cross that

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wee poor Sinners might inherit a home in heaven where thare is no war no Sorrow no war no Sin no Siperation ) yes if wee are loin of god Thare wee will meete at Jesus feet and Sing praises to god and the lamb Dear Huldy wee are Seperated, our hopes are ) that wee will meete again on Earth. but wee have no Shure prommise to that effect but god in his kinde providence has given us a hope that is worth worlds like this, a hope that wee will live with god in heaven where wee will enjoy the presance of Jesus The one that Suffered and died that wee might live oh what a thought that wee will live with Jesus forever and ever and be like him Robed is richeousness and walk the golden Streets of that heavenly City Dear these are thoughts that bares me up through trials and difficultes god has Said that he will

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give us grace in the hour of trial to over come all difficulties that may arise ) if wee will only put our trust in him So let us be faithful god being our guide our guardeen our healper in time of need, and may wee Say with a true heart thy will be done : oh : god not ours ) remember me in prayers. bare me up as only that is weak ) yet my hopes are firm and my reasons are good ) May the lord bless us as a little family and may he leade the young minde of our dear Son in the way of life : and may he in his young days learn that thare is a reality in the truth and love of a Sin pardening god )
     I truly hope this will finde you all well ) trouble your Self as little as posible Remember that we are under the Same kinde hand that has been over us Since our existance

Page 4     Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

be chearful to all around you make home happy ) a kinde and cheerful Sperit is the life of Christianity wee must Suffer wrongs and bare them patiently for Jesus Sake. wee must forgive least wee may not be forgiven
     The reason I spoke of this is on the thought of the kinde sperit and cheerfulness that was Showed to me while at home ) by all. it Seams that they was the hapiest days of my life, every one that came in Seamed to come with a cheerful Sperit ) gran fathers & Mothers Seamed glad Middle aged and children Seamed glad My heart was overwhelmed with the kindeness bestowed on me by those I love So well ) My Stay at home was that Many days of Joy and pleasure ) altho my health was poor for the first few days : yet I enjoyed my Self with my little family and those that came in ) in your next tell me how Father Mae and grandad's is getting I hope they are both on the mend ) Good by for the presant

March the 13/65

     Good Morning love, hoping that you are all well I will finish my letter ) My legs is about the same as when I left My breast is better ) tell me the Reason Father did not come down the night before I left I am uneasy about him but I hope thare was nothing Serious John McCord [i.e., Corporal John McCord] is on the Mend he is on lite duty ) well Dear I may Stay here for Some time as I am in charge of a Co of Men for Camp Duties My part of it is vary lite tell David and Viny to give you my part of the good Molases and Shugar that they had for me ) I Stay in the Same Ward and have got a good bead

Page 6     Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

to Sleep on ) give me the News in general tell me how the children gets along going to School is Marion willing to go . . Tell me wheather you have heared any more from aunt liddy about buying a place in town ) tell Me when you last heared from Isaac if you have heared how he is getting along ) The news concerning the army is good here I hope the lord will bless us with a Speedy and honorable peace forget me not in your lonly hours of prayers May the lord bless and guide us through this world of trouble and Save us in heaven give my love to all

I remain your effectionate Husband untill death
Samuel T Reeves
to Huldy Reeves and family

Envelope, front     Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

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