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Manuscripts of the American Civil War
Samuel T. Reeves Correspondence

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Samuel T. Reeves
Date: April 9-10, 1865
Place: Camp Dennison, Ohio
To: Huldah Reeves

Physical Description: ink on paper; 6 pages (20 x 13 and 15 x 13 cm) on 1 folded sheet and 1 sheet

Number: MSN CW 5012-14

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No. 10
Camp Dennison, Ohio
Aprile the 9th/65
Dear Huldah,

     I Seat my this Sabbath eavening for the purpose of writing a few lines to you hoping that they may reach and finde you and willey well with all of the rest of your little family ) oh that the time may Soon come when wee can converse togather without having to write ) yet wee Should be thankful yes I am thankful that wee are blessed with the privalege of writing to each other ) Dearest I Sent one hundred and twenty Dollars to you ) you can keepe what you particularly need and let Some one have the

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remainder So I can get it when I come home it may be that John or Ben will take care of it for you ) Just so I can get it as Soon as I come home that is all that I care for P Hollandsworth [i.e., Private Perry Hollandsworth] will Bring it to you ) wee Sent it to Elisha Evans: wee will right a letter to Perry ) if you See him the day that you get this ask him if he get a letter form John McCord [i.e., Corporal John McCord] if he did not tell him that the money is at wheateland [sp. Wheatland] ) at E Eavens for him the reason I sent to him was because John had the moste and wanted to send it to him but enough of this ) well love the news that wee get is verry good all Seams to be working for our good tell me if you got the 2 last papers I Sent I have Sent three alltogath

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well Dearest I hardely know when to Send my letters out Since they dont go through regular: I got a letter from Father last night that was Started on the first of this month ) if you Started one that male it is lost or it has not come yet I got one that you Started on the fourth ) I received a letter from Isaac that was ritten on the 30th of last month he was not verry well he Said that thare was Some of the Boys Sick he Said that they was in camp and they thought they would Stay thare some time ) well Dearest I am glad to tell you that I think I am nearly well, if I Stand the Sun I will be all rite ) well love it always Seames lonesomer to me of rainy days it Brings to rememberance the many rainy days that wee have Spent togather in days gon Bye

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you wanted to know wheather I would get a chance to come home before my time is out I expect not they woant give John a furlow because he was at home on furlow last fall ) none that has been within a year gets to go unles their families are Sick or Some good excuse ) So if you or any of your family gets bad sick do as I requested in one of my letters that is have Doct. to write immediate tell me wheather the pine Seede come up or not ) good by for the presant
     Good eavening 8:OC at night it is still raining I think wee will get some good news in the morning. I sent a letter to Father and one of my pictures tell me wheather they have all got my picture or not I close for to night ) my love to you forever

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Aprile the 10/65

     Good morning love this leaves me as well as common I hope it will finde you all well Dearest thare is cheering news this morning lee [i.e., General Robert E. Lee] has Surrendered his army to grant [i.e., General Ulysses S. Grant] I will Send a paper of the tenth to you it has the particulars is it love I hope this Bloody conflict is nearly over oh what a day of rejoising to Some when it will breake afresh the sorrows of many that has

Page 6     Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

lost Dear Companions and Sons and fathers and Brothers Since this conflict commenced oh how thankful wee ought to be to him that has Spared us through the many trials and dangs that wee have passed through Since wee have been Seperated oh how good to us unworthy cretures may wee praise him forever Remember me in your prayers that I may be faithful that wee may at last get home to heaven giv my respects to all my love to you a hug and kiss to willey and the little Boys from you ever true, Samuel.T.Reeves

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Envelope, back     Images: 150 DPI100 DPI72 DPI

Transcription last modified: 17 Nov 2003 at 02:06 PM EST

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