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Samuel T. Reeves Correspondence

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Document Type: Autograph Letter Signed

Author: Samuel T. Reeves
Date: May 10-11, 1865
Place: Camp Dennison, Ohio
To: Huldah Reeves

Physical Description: ink on paper; 4 pages (20 x 13 cm) on 1 folded sheet

Number: MSN CW 5012-21

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Camp Dennison Ohio
May the 10/65
Dear Huldah

     I have just received yours of the 6th No:15 I am truly glad to learn that my loved ones are Still blessed with good health and that you are in good sperits yet I feare you may be disapointed in your expictation of my return home so soon it is more than I can tell any thing about at the present I hope how soon I will get home with my loved ones I well know it will be a happy meeting if wee are Spared to meete )

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May the 11th   Good morning to all you are well this morning I hope ) my pet that I was telling you that I had under my arm is getting well I think it will be all rite in a few days ) wee have had three days of rain in Succession and thare is no appearance of any cesation as yet ) it is vary cold here for the season farmers is vary backward this Spring Just after dinner it is Still raining I have Just received yours of the 8 & 9 all is well what good news my dear ones is well you Spoke of the river being raising I fere that it will put the farmers back with their crops ) love from what you Say I fere that you

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have been built up to much with the hopes of our association so Soon any person that understands any thing of military movements knows that wee cant all be mustered out in a day or two thare is a greate eal of work to do before wee are mustered out you may say that wee hospital Bummers might be mustered out I will tell you thare is thousands that has not got any thing here to Show what Regt or Co. they belong to or how much pay thare is dew them ) So all this has to be assertained before they can be discharged ) now in order to get this information the Surgeon in charge has to write

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a Seperet letter for every man Send it to his Co Commander and get the correct information and them (that is the Co. Com) being on the March in different parts of the U.S. it is very difficult to get all rite but Dearest you well know that (I) with you hope how Soon that happy day will come that wee will be Blessed with the privalege of Surrounding our fire sides in a land of peace Union and harmony oh let us not forget whos kinde hand those blessings comes through) May wee praise him while our toungs are permitted to utter a Sylible) forget me not in your prayers) Remember me as one that loves you dearly)

Yours with respect S.T.R good By for the present

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